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This page is an F14 Placeholder.
To see when this page will be completed, please refer to the F14 Marketing Schedule.

For information on the screenshots specifications, or if you are unsure about how to do a screenshot, then reference How_to_make_screenshots. Alternately, check the F13 screenshots library for examples.

As of 03/04/2010, need to verify whether this wiki page format is acceptable and this layout is esthetically pleasing for display. Many excellent updates have been done as of 06/18/2010 which have immensely to this wiki page's content.

The following content has about three different layouts:

  1. textual,
  2. table, and
  3. graphical.

Food for thought, pick and choose as you deem appropriate. :)


Make the gallery appropriate for display.

Screenshots of upcoming Fedora Releases should be (if possible) ready-made 1-2 weeks before the actual Release date so that journalists can use them.

Make sure to use good prefixes like "F13_screenshot000_desc.png" for later easy finding.

Screenshots Gallery

Food for thought consideration, a three prong approach:

  1. to display users' screenshots,
  2. to capture PNGs which touch upon the Fedora 14 Talking Points as well as
  3. to show additional Fedora 14 In depth feature profiles not referenced by the Fedora 14 Talking Points.


Screenshots Textual

Next user, this is my F14 Desktop!

User Desktop

Screenshots Graphical - Linear and Gallery



Please add some if you like...