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See the following page for the F15 Artwork Schedule: F15_Artwork/Schedule


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Theme concept submissions are CLOSED
Concept submissions ended 6 July, 2010. No more concept submissions are being accepted at this time for Fedora 15. Nightingale by Emily Dirsh is the concept the Design team selected on January 18, 2011.
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Supplemental Wallpaper Submissions are still open!
Get 'em in by March 7, 2011!

For initial submissions for all kinds of release artwork, please use the following page: F15_Artwork/Submissions


This page serves for Final versions of release artwork only, please use the following page for the in-progress versions: F15_Artwork/Development


Supplemental Wallpapers

Release Banners

Splash Screens



GRUB & SysLinux

KDM & KSplash

Other Release Graphics

Release Posters

Web Sites Banners

CD & DVD Sleeves