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See the following page for the F15 Artwork Schedule: F15_Artwork/Schedule

Default Wallpaper Development

Winning Concept


The winning concept selected by the Fedora Design team on January 18, 2011 is Nightingale by Emily Dirsh. Her concept statement is:

Inspired by the Emperor and the Nightingale. Juxtaposes the systems created by man, and those created by nature, thus a nod to the Gaia hypothesis.

Created in Inkscape. SVG Source: Media:Nightingale.svg

Alpha Wallpaper



Post-Alpha Wallpaper Refreshes

Beta Wallpaper

Post-Beta Wallpaper Refreshes

Splash Screens Development



GRUB & SysLinux

KDM & KSplash

note: These are usually done by someone from the KDE team (I believe jreznik usually makes them), but it would be nice to reference them here as well as they are part of the release graphics too!