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Candidates should add their responses directly on this wiki page.
Please note that not all questions need to be answered, e.g. a FAmSCo candidate should not need to answer very technical questions.

Main questions

What is your take on bundled libraries?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
In my opinion the current policy is the correct approach and should be adhered to.

What ideas do you have related to the implementation of the stable updates vision?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
While I understand the need for stability, I think Fedora is well-known and popular for being bleeding-edge. Many developers and users feel that Fedora is becoming too stable recently and not the place to develop new things anymore. The stable updates vision recommends such users to use rawhide instead but I think that's very often a tad too broken for most people so we'd need something in between, similar to the branches of future releases but implemented as a rolling release like rawhide.

Is there any new initiative you would like to see happen during your term to improve packaging?

Do you think it's important to have more people vote in Fedora elections? If so, how would you encourage that?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
Yes, definitely. I would try to increase the awareness of just how important it is to vote in elections but I think in the end the real problem is that people just don't vote even if they now why they should. Probably only some kind of directly connected reward would help to chance that but unfortunately I can't come up with a good idea on how that could look like.

Do you run Fedora on the computer you use most often? If so what Desktop? If not, why not?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
Yes, I do - actually Fedora 14 with the lovely KDE desktop is running on all of them: my office workstation, my home workstation (there's also a win7 for fancy gaming purposes on that one, though), my laptop and my netbook.

Do you think Fedora should focus on the Desktop? Or someplace else? If so, where?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
Focusing sounds much like we should stop doing what we're good in - to allow everyone to work on everything. I sure think Fedora should focus more on the desktop than on servers, but as long as there's someone thinking Fedora should become the #1 server distribution why stop them working on that goal? Better have some features that only a few people ask for than missing features a lot of people would need.

What do you think of the Community Working Group that was just established?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
I like the CWGs purpose very much and I offered to serve in it myself. Nevertheless, I'm not exactly sure whether the tasks for the CWG are not actually tasks of the board, the steering committees and the mentors. But the people who decided to create the CWG thought about that already for sure. Maybe a clearer delimitation should be made but I think what the CWG really does and is responsible for will only become clear once it's been actively working for a while.

What if anything would you do about the number of more seasoned contibutors that are reducing involvement in the project?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
Getting Fedora back into a state where things (can) get done and where bleeding edge is lived.

In one sentence, can you summarize what the Board does and in another what FESco does and in a third what FAmSCo does ?

Sandro Mathys - BOARD
The board works on the vision of Fedora and the strategy to get there (and eventually to implement the non-technical points in the strategy). FESCo works on how to implement the strategy, mostly from a technical point of view. FAmSCo works on the strategy, and supports the implementation of it, regarding the ambassadors' main task which is to promote Fedora locally.

The role of FAmSCo appears to be changing, what do you think FAmSCo's future is?