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Candidates should add their responses directly on this wiki page. Please note that not all questions need to be answered, e.g. a FAmSCo candidate should not need to answer very technical questions.

Main questions

Sample question. Please replace with your own question.

What is your take on bundled libraries?

What ideas do you have related to the implementation of the stable updates vision?

Is there any new initiative you would like to see happen during your term to improve packaging?

Do you think it's important to have more people vote in Fedora elections? If so, how would you encourage that?

Do you run Fedora on the computer you use most often? If so what Desktop? If not, why not?

Do you think Fedora should focus on the Desktop? Or someplace else? If so, where?

What do you think of the Community Working Group that was just established?

What if anything would you do about the number of more seasoned contibutors that are reducing involvement in the project?

In one sentence, can you summarize what the Board does and in another what FESco does and in a third what FAmSCo does ?

The role of FAmSCo appears to be changing, what do you think FAmSCo's future is?