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The Fedora 18 "| Spherical Cow" alpha release is plumping up! This release offers a preview of some of the best free and open source technology currently under development. Model a glimpse of the future:

What is the alpha release?

As if Fedora 17 wasn't beefy enough, the alpha release of Fedora 18 is even meatier. Anyone can help test this release, guided by the Fedora QA team, which helps us identify and target bugs. When these bugs are fixed, we make a Beta release available. A beta release is code-complete, and bears a very strong resemblance to the third and final release. The final release of Fedora 18 is due in early November.

Fedora 18 will be the best release ever--but only with your help. Please take a moment of your time to download and try out the Fedora 18 alpha. Make sure the things that are important to you are working. If you find a bug, please report it--every bug you uncover is a chance to improve the experience for millions of Fedora users worldwide. Together, we can make Fedora a well-rounded distri-moo-tion. (Read down to the end of the announcement for more information on how to help.)



Great releases like Fedora 18 don't get made in a vacuum. We can't do it without you! Bug reports are especially helpful as we move from the theory to the applied physics. If you encounter any issues, please report them!

Fedora is a fantastic, friendly community, and we have many ways in which you can contribute, including Documentation, Marketing, Design, QA, Development, and more.

To learn how to help us, visit:

Thank you, and we hope to see you in the Fedora Project!