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Release Name

Release name is Schrödinger's Cat.
Base your artwork submissions upon this name.


See the following page for the full F19 Artwork Schedule: F19 Design Tasks


Fedora 19 Schrödinger's Cat brainstorm on pinterest


Alpha Release Wallpaper

Beta Release Wallpaper

Final Release Wallpaper

Supplemental Wallpaper

Supplemental wallpaper submissions period will be closed Mon 01 April 2013: F19_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers.

Supplemental Wallpaper for F19 vote Results.

Release Banners

Alpha Release Banner

Beta Release Banner

Countdown Banner

Final Release Banner

We have a special page for the submissions for release banners.

Submit your release banners concepts here!

CD & DVD Sleeves

We have a special page for the submissions for CD & DVD sleeves.

Submit your CD & DVD sleeves here!

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