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Translate Website Countdown Banner

All svg sources and tar.gz full banner sets palace in

Language ISO Sample Fonts Translator Status
Arabic ar Comfortaa, DejaVu Sans Adil Lebbat complete
Bulgarian bg Comfortaa, Droid Sans Nick Bunev complete
Bengali (India) bn_IN IN.png Lohit Bengali Runa Bhattacharjee complete
Czech cs Fedora19-countdown-banner-4.cs.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Adam Pribyl complete
Danish da Fedora19-countdown-banner-5.da.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Kris Thomsen complete
German de Comfortaa, Cantarell Chrisito complete
Greek el Fedora19-countdown-banner-7.el.png Comfortaa, Droid Sans Pierros Papadeas complete
English en Fedora19-countdown-banner-8.en.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Initial complete
Spanish es Comfortaa, Cantarell Domingo Becker complete
Finnish fi Comfortaa, Cantarell Ville-Pekka Vainio complete
French fr Comfortaa, Cantarell Pablo Martin-Gomez complete
Gujarati gu Lohit Gujarati Ankit Patel complete
Hebrew he Fedora19-countdown-banner-13.he.png Comfortaa, DejaVu Sans Oron Peled complete
Hindi hi Fedora19-countdown-banner-14.hi.png Lohit Devanagari Suchakra Sharma complete
Croatian hr Comfortaa, Cantarell Josip Šumečki complete
Hungarian hu Comfortaa, Cantarell Zoltan Hoppar complete
Indonesian id Comfortaa, Cantarell Teguh Dwicaksana complete
Icelandic is Comfortaa, Cantarell Sveinn í Felli complete
Italian it Comfortaa, Cantarell Gianluca Sforna complete
Japanese ja Fedora19-countdown-banner-20.ja.png Comfortaa, Vl Gothic Noriko Mizumoto complete
Kannada kn Lohit Kannada Shankar Prasad complete
Korean ko Fedora19-countdown-banner-22.ko.png Comfortaa, Un Dotum Hyunsok Oh complete
Kashmiri ks Fedora19-countdown-banner-23.ks.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Mohammad Nayeem complete
Malayalam ml Comfortaa, Lohit Malayalam Ani Peter complete
Dutch nl Comfortaa, Cantarell Richard van der Luit complete
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa Lohit Punjabi Jaswinder Singh Phulewala complete
Polish pl Fedora19-countdown-banner-27-pl.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Piotr Drąg complete
Portuguese pt Comfortaa, Cantarell Rui Gouveia complete
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR BR.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Rafael Prenholato complete
Romanian ro Comfortaa, Cantarell Nicu Buculei complete
Russian ru Comfortaa, Droid Sans Andrew Martynov complete
Sinhala si Comfortaa, LKLUG Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna complete
Serbian sr Comfortaa, Droid Sans Milos Komarcevic complete
Swedish sv Comfortaa, Cantarell Göran Uddeborg complete
Thai th Comfortaa, Waree Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai complete
Turkish tr Comfortaa, Cantarell Ömer Faruk Ak complete
Ukrainian uk Comfortaa, Droid Sans Yuri Chornoivan complete
Vietnamese vi_VN VN.png Comfortaa, Cantarell Trần Duy Hùng complete
Chinese (China) zh_CN Fedora19-countdown-banner-4.zh CN.png Wqy Zenhei Tian Shixiong complete
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW Fedora19-countdown-banner-5.zh TW.png Wqy Zenhei Caius 'kaio' Chance complete