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Why T-shirt for 10th anniversary

It's time to celebrate our distribution and the whole Project. This year is the 10th Fedora birthday so we are glad to donate a T-shirt to the contributors who made Fedora great.

Teams involved

Involving all the Fedora teams is required for establishing the people that can get the T-shirt. There are a lot of T-shirt available, so for most people the chance to get one is real.

Obviusly the event owner of the scheduled events should get one as well.


Team Contact Contacted by Criteria Candidates Done Notes
Board Robert Mayr None Robyn Bergeron

Rex Dieter

Major Hayden

Garrett Holmstrom

John Rose

Nick Bebout

Eric Christensen

Jaroslav Reznik

Peter Robinson

Michael Scherer

Important.png to be done
FESCo Robert Mayr None Kevin Fenzi

Bill Nottingham

Toshio Kuratomi

Marcela Mašláňová

Peter Jones

Josh Boyer

Tomáš Mráz

Miloslav Trmač

Stephen Gallagher

Important.png to be done
FAmSCo Robert Mayr None Christoph Wickert

Jiri Eischmann

Luis Enrique Bazán De León

Robert Mayr

Alejandro Perez

Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera

Truong Anh Tuan

Important.png to be done
Design Sirko Kemter Gabriele Trombini Best Artwork/Most Involved Important.pngto be done
Documentation Pete Travis Gabriele Trombini commit for the docs in git repos and availability Important.pngto be done
Engineering and Packaging Tom Callaway Robert Mayr Important.png to be done
Infrastructure Kevin Fenzi Gabriele Trombini Contribution quality and quantity/Availability Important.pngto be done
Marketing Ruth Suehle Gabriele Trombini Ruth Suehle

Joe Brockmeier

Chris Roberts

Zacharias Mitzelos

Ankur Sinha

Important.png to be done
Quality Kamil Páral Gabriele Trombini Top contributors F1-F20 QA statistics (wiki matrices, bugzilla, bodhi) and important external help Important.png to be done
Release Engineering Dennis Gilmore Robert Mayr Contribution quality and quantity Important.pngto be done
Translation Noriko Mizumoto Gabriele Trombini Coordinator most involved Team, best Translator nominated by his coordinator and helpful people Important.pngto be done
Websites Robert Mayr Robert Mayr Number of commits on F1-F20 branch Robert Mayr

Kévin Raymond

Sijis Aviles

Important.pngto be done
KDE Dan Vrátil Gabriele Trombini Contribution Quality and Quantity/Important Project Important.png to be done
GNOME Jiri Eischmann Important.png to be done
SIGs Various Jiri Eischmann Relevant SIGs Important.png to be done
Event Owners Various Gabriele Trombini Important.png to be done
systemd Various Jiri Eischmann Who contributed to downstream systemd. Lennart Poettering Important.png to be done
Project Leader Various Jiri Eischmann Actual and ex FPL. Robyn Bergeron

Jared Smith

Paul W. Frields

Max Spevack

Greg De Koenigsberg

Cristian Gafton

Michael Johnson

Important.png to be done
10 years contributors Various Robert Mayr Storical Fedora contributors. Joerg Simon

Clint Savage

Gerold Kassube

Important.png to be done