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F33 Release Party Lightning Talk Signup

We are celebrating Fedora 33 with a virtual release party on November 6th & 7th using the HopIn platform. This page will be used to coordinate a lightning talk session. What's a lightning talk? Learn more here.

Mark your calendars: the dates of the Release Party for F33 are November 6th, and 7th.

Register for the event here.

Sign up for the War of the Wizards or Halloween Party virtual events here.

Lightning Talk Session Signup

This session will take place on Saturday November 7th at 5:00PM - 6:00PM UTC.
The length of the your lightning talk will depend on how many signups we have. Most likely 5-10 minutes long each.

Name FAS ID Timezone/Location Availability on November 7th Preferred email (if other than FAS) Talk title The language used for presenting Notes
Marie Nordin riecatnor EST (UTC-5)/NY, US Full mnordin at redhat dot com What's the Fedora Zine? English
Justin W. Flory jflory7 America/New_York 11:00 - 16:00 EST See FAS Møte: An adventure into Fedora Infrastructure legacy apps English Short version (5 minutes).
Justin W. Flory jflory7 America/New_York 11:00 - 16:00 EST See FAS Fedora: A global platform for digital innovation? English Long version (10-15 minutes with Q&A). Only if enough time is available.
Alberto Rodriguez bt0dotninja America/Mexico_City Full bt0dotninja at fedoraproject dot org Building Local Fedora Communities: The Mexican style Spanish 15 minutes
Eduard Lucena x3mboy America/Santiago Full x3mboy at fedoraproject dot org The Fedora i3 Spin: How a dream can became true English I will talk about the i3 SIG, how it was formed and how it will become a formal Spin for F34
Nasir Hussain nasirhm Asia/Karachi Full nasirhm at fedoraproject dot org Getting started with contributing to Fedora Project English I will talk about the Join SIG, how it helps on boarding newcomers to Fedora and how one can get started with contributing to Fedora.
Alex Callejas darkaxl017 America/Mexico_City 5:00pm UTC dark.axl aT gmail DOT com Fedora Mexico Presenta: "Laboratorio de pruebas con KVM" Spanish 15 minutes
Ivan Chavero Ichavero America/Mexico_City 5:00pm UTC ichavero AT chavero DOT com DOT mx Fedora Mexico Presenta: "rootless podman" Spanish 15 minutes
Rolando Cedillo Rolman America/Mexico_City 5:00pm UTC rolando.cedillo AT gmail DOT com Fedora Mexico Presenta: "F33 minimalista" Spanish 15 minutes
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