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This chapter explains how to use the Pup graphical update program, and how Puplet works to provide notifications of available updates.

Update Notifications

Puplet works constantly in the background, checking for available software updates from the enabled repositories. When updates become available a package icon appears in the notification area, along with an alert which appears for a short time and reveals the number of updates available.

Once the notification tray icon is present, there are a number of possible actions it can perform:

  • Refresh checks for new updates
  • View Updates launches Pup providing more detail about the package(s) to be updated, allow de-selection of available updates and/or starts the update process
  • Apply Updates starts the update process selecting all available packages
  • Quit closes Puplet, no packages are updated

The Package Updater (Pup)

This program features a scrollable text window under the heading Updates Available. In this text window all of the available updates are listed and selected by default. If you wish to remove any of the packages queued for update, mark the box next to the relevant package.

Some updates have a circular arrow icon next to them, indicating that these changes won't be applied until the next system reboot.

Further information about each update can be found by selecting the desired package and left-clicking the Update Details text.

Once satisfied with the package selection, choose the [Apply Updates] button. Pup checks for dependencies, ensuring that the updated packages will have everything required to function correctly. If dependencies are added a dialogue will appear, with new packages to be installed. Review this dialog and select [Continue] to complete the update.

The packages will then be downloaded and installed. If a reboot is needed for some of the changes to take place, you will be informed of this at the end of the updates.

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