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Fedora Activity Day , RVCE, Bengaluru 2012

The goal of this FAD is to get any beginner, particularly students involved in Fedora. We will cover the basics of getting started via a series of talks and workshops. The material presented should be accessible to everyone even completely new to free and open source software.

Event Owners

When and Where

Venue: RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Date : October 7th 2012.

Time : 0900 IST onwards.


You will need to create an account in the FAS system to edit the wiki.

Are you planning to get your Laptops? Please do the following on your laptops before bringing it to the FAD:

 # yum install @development-tools fedora-packager fedora-review @virtualization


Owner Topic Time Comments
Shakthi Kannan Contributing to Fedora 0900-1000 IST
Shakthi Kannan, Arun SAG Introduction to Git 1000-1130 IST
Break 1130-1145 IST
Praveen Kumar Filing a bug, fedora-review, rpmfusion 1145-1300 IST
Lunch Break 1300-1400 IST
Shakthi Kannan, Arun SAG RPM Packaging 1400-1500 IST
Charles Rose, Arun SAG Intro to Virtualization on Fedora with KVM 1500-1600 IST Downloading F17_Live on your laptops would help

Feedback from participants

Participant Name Topic Feedback
Renuka Prasad Introduction to development culture very useful and essential
Renuka Prasad Introduction to git very good ,participants tried few exercises and tried few things on their own
Siddharth P Shanbhogue Introduction to git Very informative. Was a bit fast, but helped tremendously. I plan to continue learning about GIT
Siddharth P Shanbhogue Virtualization with KVM Very useful. Learnt a lot about kvm, and looking forward to some more sessions on this.