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|Amos Kong || [[User:Kongove]] || kongjianjun@gmail.com || Beijing || No ||  
|Amos Kong || [[User:Kongove]] || kongjianjun@gmail.com || Beijing || No ||  
|Peng Wu || [[User:pwu]] || pwu@redhat.com || Beijing || undecided ||

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A general introduction of FAD can be found here.

When & Where

  • 15 October 2011* in *Beijing*, during the China Open Source Week (11-17 October 2011)

Event owners


Name Fas Name Email Location Topic Evening Fun
Gerard Braad User:gbraad me@gbraad.nl Beijing undecided
Hongqing, YANG User:Hongqing hoyang@redhat.com Beijing None
Tommy He User:Lovenemesis tommy.he@linux.com Xi'an Transifex Yes
Zhao Tao User:Alick alick9188@gmail.com Beijing ? Yes
Caius Chance (join broadcast only) User:Kaio me@kaio.net Brisbane No No
Tiansworld User:Tiansworld tiansworld@fedoraproject.org Tianjin No No
Aron Xu User:Aron aron@fedoraproject.org Beijing No No
Lucheng Feng User:flc45 flc945@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Rui He User:Rhe rhe@fedoraproject.org Beijing No
Amos Kong User:Kongove kongjianjun@gmail.com Beijing No
Peng Wu User:pwu pwu@redhat.com Beijing undecided

Proposed Schedule

  • Participants arrive at THIS_TIME_AND_DATE
  • Schedule item
  • Schedule item
  • Schedule item
  • Participants leave at THIS_TIME_AND_DATE

Proposed Topics

Themed Talk:

  • emerge-rpm by microcai
  • transifex
  • texlive by alick
  • javascript development
  • fit Fedora into embedded system by alick


  • gnome-shell extension explore
  • kde plasma widget explore
  • mozilla jetpack explore
  • chinese glossary



3 themed topic:


1 themed topic with 1 workshop


  • Video feed

(NEEDLOVE: IRC? channel name? video streaming?)


Funding Required


Prepared Meeting Minutes

  1. 2011-07-08
  2. 2011-07-15


User:gbraad and User:Lovenemesis will contact with OW2 to seek possibility for cooperating.