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This is the main page for FAD Fedora Cloud Working Group 2016.


Our purpose is to complete the following primary goals:

  1. Retrospective of Fedora 23 release for the Cloud/Atomic products.
  2. Future of Automated Testing for Fedora Cloud/Atomic
  3. Concrete Plan for Fedora Atomic Edition for F25.
  4. Increase the Public Cloud Provider reach.
  5. OpenShift Origin, and how to integrate in our cloud story (may be for contributors)
  6. Alignment/Synergies for CentOS and Fedora Atomic hosts
  7. Improvements in the Vagrant ecosystem


This FAD supports the following Fedora Objectives:

  • Be on the leading edge of free and open source technology: through Atomic Edition and OSTree for os-level imaging and transactional upgrades
  • Fedora Editions: further work on the Atomic Edition.
  • Fedora Modularization: work on Cloud and Container support and layered images
  • Promote rapid adoption of new releases: through containerization of version-sensitive libraries and stacks
    • also deal with Docker upgrade issues
  • Establish and implement technical standards for packages: for containers, specifically Nulecule, Super Privileged Containers, and container security standards.

Diversity Statement

We are aware that the State of North Carolina has passed recent laws which are not consistent with the Fedora Project's views on equality and diversity, and may make some attendees of the FAD uncomfortable. Both Red Hat and the Fedora Project are committed to providing a discrimination-free experience for attendees. Red Hat, the host of this FAD, will provide facilities appropriately regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or race.

Regardless, if North Carolina's laws make you feel uncomfortable or unable to attend the FAD for any reason, or require changes to your travel arrangements, please contact either Josh Berkus or the Fedora Project diversity advisor, Maria Leandro with your concerns. All such contacts will be confidential.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


We will be using the follow etherpad for notes, status and tracking work:

IRC communications will happen in #fedora-meeting-3 on

There will be a bluejeans session here for video conferencing, link can be found in the etherpad above.



The exact times for each item will be determined during the backlog grooming session. Times will be filled in then.

Lunch is at 12:30ET each day.

Deliverable Notes Start Time End Time
Tuesday 2016-06-07
Morning festivities and backlog creation Say hello, get coffee, go over agenda, prioritize tasks, create a backlog for the day 8:00am 9:00am
Documentation Hackathon 9:00am 11:00am
Automated Testing Atomic Host and Layered Image Build Testing design 11:00am 12:30am
Atomic Edition A Fedora 25 change proposal outlining switch to Atomic and how it will affect websites, releng, docs, and so on. 1:30pm 3:30pm
Docker + Registry Docker and Registry decisions can be co-dependent, combining the time slots 3:30pm 5:30pm
Wednesday 2016-06-08
Vagrant Improvements for Vagrant for F25 time frame 9:00am 11:00am
Fedora Cloud Base Image Monthly Scope and define what is needed to implement monthly release of the Fedora Cloud Image (base image) 11:00am 11:30pm
Public Cloud Provider Outreach How can we increase our public cloud footprint? 11:30am 12:30pm
Hackathon Work on action items that we establish 3:30pm 5:00pm
Event Report for CommOps Blog Collective write up of work done at the FAD 5:00pm 5:30pm


  1. Automated testing
    • Atomic Host Tests
    • Plan for CI builds/testing for Host/OStree
    • Deliverables: Decide upon the blocking tests for Atomic hosts, and for layered image builds
  2. Atomic Edition
    • Deliverables
      • A Fedora 25 change proposal outlining switch to Atomic and how it will affect websites, releng, docs, and so on.
      • List of other potential changes for Atomic in F25 timeframe.
      • Update the PRD for Atomic/Container universe. (May not complete at FAD, but identify sections which need work.)
      • Proposal to Council for new deliverable and updated PRD.
  3. Docker
    • As of version 1.10, it has become necessary for us to support multiple versions of Docker in our repo, as new versions are not backwards-compatible. This requires deciding:
      • Which versions will we offer?
      • What will the packaging look like? Will we follow RHEL's lead with Docker-1.9 and Docker-Next?
      • Does this affect packaging/versions for runc?
    • Deliverables: plan for packaging and supporting different versions of Docker in Fedora.
  4. Registry
    • Public Atomic Registry for Fedora: It is now possible for us to have a dedicated Fedora container registry. We need to figure out:
      • Feasibily of doing so
      • Build pipeline for images
      • Hosting: OK to have CentOS host this?
      • Requirements for accounts, official images only or open to all project members?
    • Deliverables: either decision not to run a registry, or a workable plan for maintaining and governing one.
  5. Documentation
    • At least one F24-focused runbook.
  6. Event report for Community Blog
    • Need to produce one or more reports for the larger group / project to follow along with results of the FAD
  7. Vagrant
    • Improvements for Vagrant for F25 time frame
      • More Box types (hyperv, vmware, etc)
      • remote providers (DigitalOcean, OpenStack, AWS, etc)
    • Deliverables: decide on items to concentrate on for F25 time frame
  8. Public Cloud Provider Outreach
    • How can we increase our public cloud footprint?
      • Support in more cloud providers (GCE, Azure, other)
    • Deliverables: Decide on providers to target, Identify blockers in the process.

Attendees and Travel Details

Contributor Arrival Departure Roommate Need Travel Funding? Budget amount for travel Food Restrictions
Josh Berkus Jun 6 Jun 9 - No Non-meat (fish OK)
Matthew Miller Jun 6 Jun 9 - No
Scott Collier Not sure yet Also not sure yet - No
Dusty Mabe Jun 6 Jun 8 (late) - No
Joe Brockmeier Lives Here Lives Here Heck No No
Adam Miller Jun 6 Jun 9 Kushal Das Yes $1000 ($450 Hotel, $400 Flight
$50 To/From Airport, $100 Food)
Kushal Das June 6th June 10th - Yes $1050 ($450 Hotel, $450 Flight, $50 To/From Airport)
(I hope food will be taken care by in total).
Tim Flink June 6th June 9th None, need to find one Yes Vegetarian
Jason Brooks Jun 6 Jun 9 - No
Jared Smith Jun 6 Jun 8 (early) None No None
Remy DeCausemaker Jun 6 June 10th - No
Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner Local Local No No None
Randy Barlow Local Local - No - None

Remote attendees TimeZone
Brian Exelbierd Europe/Prague UTC+2
Colin Walters US/EDT UTC-4
Clint Savage US/MDT UTC-6


  1. Location: Red Hat, Raleigh, NC USA
  2. Room Red Hat Annex, "Red Rover" room
  3. Date: Jun-07 to Jun-08


At this point, we are planning a full team dinner for Tuesday night. Wednesday night is TBD.




  • Covered at hotel


  • Days other than Tue/Wed/ to be covered by attendees.
  • Tue: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)
  • Wed: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)


  • Days other than Tue/Wed to be covered by attendees
  • Tue: Team @ local venue (est. $300)
  • Wed: Team @ local venue (est. $300)

Total food: est. $850

Travel estimates

Contributor Taxi/transport (to/from home) Airfare Hotel Taxi/transport (to/from site) Parking Add Meals Other
tflink 0 USD 320 USD 450 USD 40 USD 50 USD 40
Adam $50 $400 $450 $40 $100
Kushal $50 $450 Shared $40 $50

  1. Space:
    • $0 if Supplied by Red Hat
  2. Supplies:
    • N/A
  3. Food: $850 (from above)

Total budget: $3380

Hotel and Local Travel

There are two hotels for this venue:

Red Hat employees should book these through global travel. Non-RH staff should contact the FAD organizer about getting access to corporate discounts.

Both hotels are walking distance to the venue (3 blocks). We do not recommend renting a car in Raleigh, as parking is costly and a car is not needed downtown. Instead, take a rideshare or taxi from the airport to the hotel; coordinate with other attendees so that you can split fares. Rideshare compaines (Lyft, Uber, etc.) are significantly cheaper than a taxi ($20 to $25).