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This is the main page for the Fedora Diversity Day, which is a FAD focused on review and finish our current coals and define the next plans to improve the Diversity efforts in our community.


Fedora Diversity is a new initiative in Fedora community. This is to support and encourage all kind of different people to join and contribute in Fedora. Since we are new, we have planned to accomplish some primary goals of the diversity team. In our very first FAD, we have few objectives to accomplish i.e. Diversity Survey, Diversity Marketing Campaign and COC Expansion.

We would like to achieve our goal of Diversity Survey, Diversity Marketing Campaign And COC Expansion via brainstorming, experience exchange, sessions/discussions, presentations, video making and blog posts.

Primary Goals

  1. Diversity Survey
    • Define strategies for the usage of the Survey
    • Finish the questionnaire
    • Select tool
    • Define timeline
  2. Diversity Marketing Campaign
    • Define reach of the campaign
    • Use first survey results to create focus groups
  3. CoC expansion
    • Discuss in deep CoC to see if it's wide enough against the current harassment and bullying cases we have

Secondary Goals

In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:

  1. Make adjustments to the working process of the Diversity Team, to fulfill in the future all upcoming tasks
  2. Work towards clearing out the Fedora Diversity Team tickets queue, Tickets
  3. Collect the pictures from all the locations for video making

Q & A

  1. Why Diversity Survey?
    • Numbers are important for the Fedora project in every aspect. We would like to drill down how many contributors belong to which minority group and what issues they are facing and how we can help them. This is going to be first of its kind and will help understand the diverse dimensions of the Fedora community at a high level.
  2. Why Diversity Marketing Campaign?
    • Fedora Diversity is an important project for onboarding new Fedora Contributors from diverse areas and it is more important to be inclusive. It is critical for two Fedora objectives - building open source diverse communities and developing the science and practice of diverse communities. We're looking to engage a more diverse people pool to further open source, and focusing on an underrepresented discipline within FLOSS/Fedora and making sure the investment we're putting into diversity will give us returns in reaching those folks is a good one.
  3. Why during devconf?
    • We would like to take help and guidance from FPL and few other folks, who may attend devconf and it will easy to reach out to them, if we align the FAD with devconf in terms of date and location.
  • Add your question here and we're happy to answer.


The completion of these goals will create the following positive change within the project:

  • outcome
  • outcome
  • outcome

These outcomes connect with the following Fedora Community Objectives by explain connection here.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


Travel days
Travel days are Thursday and Sunday. On-site participants are leaving early and no on-site hacking will take place on Sunday.
Name Remote? Fri Sat Sun Core Tasks
Tatica Leandro Hopefully not X X X Fedora Diversity Adviser, Analysis of Survey results, Marketing Strategy
Justin W. Flory Hopefully not X X X COC Expension and Marketing Strategy
Bee Hopefully not - X X Survey Details, Analysis of Survey results and session on how to conduct survey
Amita Hopefully not - X X Analysis of Survey results and help in Marketing
Jona Azizaj Hopefully not X X X Marketing Strategy


Tatica Leandro TBD
Justin W. Flory TBD
Amita TBD
Jona Azizaj TBD

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Completed work item
  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event
  • Another action item
  • Another action item
  • Another action item


Proposal one - At DevConf

  1. Location: Brno University of Technology Faculty of Information Technology. - Brno - Czech Republic
  2. Date: (tentative) 27 – 29 January 2017
  3. Schedule
    • Participants arrive at Jan 25
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Participants leave at Jan 30
  4. Important skills (one or more)
    • skill
    • skill
    • skill
  5. Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
    • Tatica Leandro (Venezuela, Diversity Advisory) Confirmed? Y
    • Name (location, role) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • others?
  6. Other considerations
    • Tatica needs to be online during week days, so she might need to travel only-on-weekends or try to make her trip as short as possible (work)


Snacks/Beverages: Details go here.

Lunch: Details go here.

Dinner: Details go here.


If you want funding from Red Hat, ask the OSAS team. If you can find other ways to fund your FAD, that's great too!

Contributor Dept Arrv Dept Arrv Cost
Tatica Leandro Cucuta or Caracas, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Cucuta or Caracas, arrival Ticket cost (Usually cheaper from Cucuta)
Name Travel to FAD, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Travel from FAD, arrival Ticket cost
Name Travel to FAD, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Travel from FAD, arrival Ticket cost
  1. Travel: $A for airfare, bus, train, etc. funding needed to get attendees to the FAD
  2. Housing: $B for hotel, etc. needed to have attendees sleep during the FAD
    • link to hotel room booking website, if applicable
  3. Space: $C for renting space to hack in, if applicable
    • address and travel details for the space
  4. Supplies: $D for anything else you may need
    • item
    • item
    • item

Total budget: $A+B+C+D