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FAD EMEA 2008 - Schedule

All times are now FIXED
Some times might be adjusted when we see a need to do so. Some times can't be changed, though.


Weekday Date Agenda
Friday 2008-11-14 Arrival, Work
Saturday 2008-11-15 Work, Fun
Sunday 2008-11-16 Work, Fun, Departure

Arrival and Departure


  • Make sure to be in Basel (Basel SBB train station or Basel Bad Bf train station) no later than 18:00. Earlier is better than later, if you want to join us for the dinner.
  • If you need to arrive later, you have to option to join us after dinner at 22:00 for the first junk of work.


  • You'll be in Basel (Basel SBB train station or Basel Bad Bf train station) no later than 17:00 on Sunday.
  • If you need to leave earlier due to your long (over 4-5hrs) journey home, that's all fine.


This shows the overall (i.e. generic, complete) schedule. See the actual work schedule (i.e. what business agenda item is dealt with in which 'work' time slot).


14:00 Earliest possible check-in (baggage drop-off already possible anytime before)
15:00 Meet up for a beer or two (early arrivers)
18:00 Latest arrival in Basel
18:30 Latest arrival at Hotel Rochat
19:15 Leave the hotel for dinner
19:30 Dinner* in a Chinese restaurant
afterwards Work (arrival for late-joiners)
01:00 Call it a day (latest)


08:30 Breakfast (free) [available 06:00-10:00]
09:30 Work
12:30 Lunch*
afterwards Work
17:00 Sightseeing in Basel City with a local guide from Basel's LUG
18:30 Dinner* (some typical, popular Swiss food - surprise)
afterwards Work
01:00 Call it a day (latest)


08:30 Breakfast (free) [available 06:00-10:00]
10:00 Fringe Event (surprise)
afterwards Work
afterwards Lunch* (delivery service or take away) [time is decided upon by the attendees during the work part]
16:00 Official end
17:00 Departure from Basel (EuroAirport, Basel SBB train station or Basel Bad Bf train station)

(*) Dinner and lunch is always suitable for vegetarians (you might to ask for the vegetarian version yourself, tho).