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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2009

Location and Date

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Friday, September 25, 2009 (Arrival: Friday, 2009-09-25 & Departure: Sunday, 2009-09-27)

Accomodation and stay

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Castle of Beuggen also have a look at googlemaps with some other POIs
  • we have there at the castle
    • 4 x double room with shower and toilet

Responsible Ambassadors

Attendees (confirmed)

Do not forget your ear plugs
# FAS Name &
Full Name
Hotel Friday's
Arrival Departure Comment
1 Fabian Affolter yes yes Friday afternoon after end
2 Luca Foppiano yes yes - -
3 Gerold Kassube no yes - -
4 Jens Kühnel yes yes - -
5 Jeroen van Meeuwen yes yes - -
6 Yaakov Nemoy yes yes - -
7 Pierros Papadeas yes yes Friday evening from Rheinfelden-Swiss Sunday evening
8 JoergSimon yes yes - -
9 MaxSpevack yes yes Thursday morning Sunday morning

Agenda (Draft)

The list below is just the collection of items we will discuss about and does not say anything about the time or order they're discussed about.

Task Owner(s)
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
  • What can we do (longtime planing)?
  • What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA?
  • How are our smaller communities doing?
  • Fedora EMEA - Money and swag handling
    • How we handle swag? How we handle money?
  • Fedora - Greece community
Pierros Papadeas
  • Ambassador Mentoring - We need a concept and measurability!
    • The new Mentoring program for newbie ambassadors
Joerg Simon
  • Fedora Logistic/former EventBox
    • Report - What do we have! Where is it!
    • The new Material Tracker
    • What Material is needed on which event? Which new Material is needed in the future?
Joerg Simon Fabian Affolter
  • Public Fedora store for Europe
    • Status update and general information
Gerold Kassube
  • FAD EMEA 2010
Gerold Kassube

Meeting Minutes

  • will follow after the event


  • will follow within the event


We feel free to re-use the buttons from last year. Thanks again Nicu
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