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This page is to lay out and plan the specifics the work we will complete at the FAD. The FAD_Fedora_Talk_2009 page explains the original goals and planning done for this event.

Targeted Trac Tickets

  • Primary targets:
    • #309 -- Asterisk recording
    • #395 -- Audio streaming of Fedora Board conf-calls
    • #453 -- Asterisk/gstreamer solution for town hall meetings
    • #1160 -- streaming and recording moderated conf-calls
  • Secondary targets (as time allows):
    • #1634 -- need echo service
    • #672 -- improve VoIP page on FAS


Name Friday Saturday Sunday Core Tasks
John X X AM Project Management + Documentation + Requirements
Paul X X AM
Ian X X AM
Jared X X Be the Asterisk guru + Bring lots of VoIP equipment + Documentation
Jeff X X Asterisk hacking
Mike (remote) puppetizing and testing
Darren (remote)
Bruno (remote) X X AM