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Fedora Events: FAD at Patras Fosscomm 2011

Event Owner

When and Where


7-8 May 2011 - Patras, Greece


Sunday 8 May 2011



FAD Agenda

 *  Linux Color Management (by: linkus)
 *  Linux SSD Optimization (by: linkus)
 *  RPM packaging workshop (by: comzeradd)
 *  Living with Gnome 3 (by: linkus)
 *  Maybe a webserver & mailserver workshop (by: gorginos) 
Time Speaker Topic Comments
10:00 Dimitris Glezos Transifex - Fedora l10n
12:00 Pierros Papadeas Linux Color Management
13:00 Nikos Roussos RPM packaging workshop
14:00 Pierros Papadeas Linux SSD Optimization
15:00 Pierros Papadeas & Nikos Roussos Surviving with Gnome 3
16:00 Nikos Roussos & Christos Bacharakis Greek Edu: Building your own Fedora Remix

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