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The Fedora Activity Day FAD is a regional event (either one-day or a multi-day) that allows Fedora contributors to gather together in order to work on specific tasks related to the Fedora Project, especially in Regional (West Sumatra).

This FAD will held in collaboration Fedora-id, KPLI Klaten, Klaten Regency and [Telkom Indonesia]

Event Target

  • The whole society in Klaten Regency, goverment office/staff in Klaten, districts, villages, school/university, groups society can take advantage of internet technology to optimize to improve the social and economic life to meet the globalization.
  • The entire application will be using Open Source and Fedora as a server or desktop.
  • CD/DVD Fedora we distribute for free.


"Klaten Go Online"

Event Detail

  • Build the IT Village (first in Indonesia) in Desa Kebon Kecamatan Bayat and Desa Paseban Kecamatan Bayat, Kab.Klaten.

Forms of activities in order to build the Village IT:

    • Providing internet and computer training to the community for free.
    • Create a website, blog, group society directory & training Shop Online apps, cashier, etc. with open source and Fedora as a Distro Server.
    • Setting up a server installation Village Government Information Systems with Fedora.
    • Installation WIFI point in the village concerned.
  • Launch the Air Baloon Wifi Internet, 2 units (first in Indonesia), in Kabupaten Klaten in order Klaten Anniversary on July 28, by the Klaten Regency Leader, H.Sunarna, SE, M. Hum, after the anniversary ceremony. (almost same like Google Project Loon)
    • The location at Government Field Office, center city park (alun2 Klaten), as a center point of Klaten Society to meetup.
    • Logo imprinted with FEDORA Logo, Klaten Goverment Logo, KPLI Klaten Logo, Telkom Logo.
  • Formed a partnership with the school as a pilot project and assisted by BLC Telkom and KPLI Klaten:
    • 2 SMA: SMA SMA Karanganom Muhammadiyan 1 Klaten.
    • 2 SMK: SMK 2 Klaten, SMK 5 Kristen Klaten.
    • 2 SMP: SMP 1 Klaten, SMP 1 Kristen Klaten.

What we will doing in the school:

    • Installation Website & Portal Management Information Systems School (school Website, E-learning, E-library, Open Meeting, PABX Servers, Application Program Schools, etc.) with the Fedora server.
    • Provide IT teacher training and school administrators.
    • Provide assistance and prepare trainer for personnel school students.
  • Office locations forming two districts, as a Pilot Project E​​-Government, with the power train district administrators, and setting in Fedora server installation in each district.
  • Setting Up a Website and training to all service agencies, state enterprises in Klaten regency.


- In July 2013, beginning with the inauguration of the Open Source Community cooperation with container BLC KPLI KLATEN TELKOM KPLI Klaten with Klaten Goverment, PT Telkom Indonesia and supported by the Fedora Indonesia.

- Summit of the date of July 28 2013, marked by the launch of Air Baloon + WIFI Internet by Klaten Leader Regency H.Sunarna, SE.M.Hum (bandwidth provided PT.TELKOM Indonesia)

- For school coaching & training, IT Village & Goverment Office will be held forever, with step by step.

Phase of The Event

1. Intensive communication with Fedora Indonesia, Klaten Goverment and PT.Telkom Indonesia.

2. Monday, July 8, 2013 will be a meeting and we lay out / socialize this program with all department heads Klaten + principals / teachers of IT, and Head of the Village as a pilot project for this program. (already spread the invitation)


Item Price Quantity Total Note
Snack USD 0.6 1000 USD 600 Ticket :
Sticker USD 0.160 1000 USD 160 (after discount) Ticket #27
Banner USD
Air Baloon Wifi USD
T-Shirt 25 USD 116 Ticket #27
Travel subsidy for Prima Yogi Loviniltra USD 250 Ticket :
Hotel free
CD/DVD Fedora
Tentatif Total USD

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Organizer Team


Please feel free to add your decision under the agenda section. Long agendas are hard to manage therefore keep it simple and add relevant details under the topic in short form. Please mention your name with the topic as well, then it is easy to identify who owns the topic. eg: FAD Plans for Venue (jurank_dankkal)



Time Sessions Activity Speakers Notes
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