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* [[User:Sundaram| Rahul Sundaram]]
* [[User:Sundaram| Rahul Sundaram]]
* [[User:Shakthimaan| Shakthi Kannan]]
* [[User:Shakthimaan| Shakthi Kannan]]
* [[User:Siddhesh| Siddhesh]]
* [[User:mayjune|Mayank Jain ]]
* [[User:mayjune|Mayank Jain ]]
* [[User:| Buland Kumar Singh]]
* [[User:| Buland Kumar Singh]]

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Fedora Activity Day, Pune 2011

The goal of this FAD is to get any beginner, particularly students involved in Fedora ahead of FUDCon Pune to enable them to get a head start and be more productive during and after FUDCon. We will cover the basics of getting started via a series of talks and workshops. The material presented should be accessible to everyone even completely new to free and open source software.

Event Owners

When and Where

Venue: College of Engineering Pune

Date : Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Time : 1000 IST onwards.



Are you planning to get your Laptops? Please answer below

Attendee name Yes/No
Rahul Sundaram Yes
Shakthi Kannan Yes
Siddhesh Yes
AbdulKarim Yes
Mayank Jain Yes
Prasad Pandit Yes
Muneeb Shaikh No
Amita Sharma Yes
Sachin Ghai Yes


Owner Topic Time Comments
Rahul Sundaram Getting involved with Fedora How to be a Fedora contributor
Shakthi Kannan Packaging and reviews 1 hour Introduction to Fedora packaging (hands-on)
Siddhesh Autotools hands-on
Shakthi Kannan di-git-ally-managing-love-letters 1 hour Introduction to Git (hands-on)
Prasad Pandit Introduction to Python Introduction to programming with Python
Suchakra Artwork Remixed - Fedora Design Design for Fedora - ways and tools of trade
Shakthi Kannan Communication Guidelines 30 minutes Talk on how to use IRC, wiki, mailing lists etc.