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When and Where

On Sat, 1st Nov 2014 at the Red Hat Pune office.

This Fedora Activity Day is aimed at collaborative triage and fixing of Fedora Security tracking flaws. It is meant for Existing Fedora contributors or folks who want to start contributing in a useful way (not just attend a FAD and then disappear). More details given below.

Note:- maximum capacity for the day is about 25 participants.


Feel free to add your name here


  • We will start with a basic introduction to Fedora Security by P J P and then go on to the process we follow etc [Approx 30-40 mins]
  • We will then look at the list of flaws which are open and then pick ones we want to pursue. -> open issues
  • Rest of the day goes into actually working on them and figuring out if they can be fixed.
  • The owner of those flaws will continue pursing those flaws after the FAD and ensure they get a proper resolution.

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