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== Points of Contact ==
== Points of Contact ==
* LATAM: [[User:Potty|  Abdel Martínez ]]
* '''LATAM''': [[User:Potty|  Abdel Martínez ]]
* EMEA: [[User:Mstuchli|  Matej Stuchlik ]]
* '''EMEA''': [[User:Mstuchli|  Matej Stuchlik ]]
* NA: [[User:Ralph | Ralph Bean ]]
* '''NA''': [[User:Ralph | Ralph Bean ]]
== Important Skills ==
== Important Skills ==

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This is the main page for the 2015 Python 3 Porting FAD, which is a FAD (a mini-conference) focused on working on the missing packages, libraries and applications that are not ported to Python 3 but are relevant to the release of the Fedora operating system according to the PortingDB app.

Location and Date

  • Location: Global
  • Date: November 14-15


One of the foundations of the Fedora Community is Features, which represents our commitment to excellence. Five years ago the Python 3 stack was added to Fedora, with the hope that at some point Python 3 will replace Python 2. About two years ago an effort was begun to make Python 3 the default implementation. There has been great progress, but is not enough. Fedora has 2941 Python packages, which only the 32% have been ported to Python 3. This is the main premise that identifies the latent need to migrate packages, libraries and applications to Python 3. This is how is born this FAD. We are proposing two days where Python programmers members of the Fedora community can participate remotely in a virtual environment to migrate as many Python 2 packages to Python 3.


The main outcome of this FAD will be a reduced number of missing packages for porting.

Additional outcomes will be:

  • Extra outcome 1.
  • Extra outcome 2.
  • Extra outcome 3.

Points of Contact

Important Skills

Not yet defined.


Not yet defined.

Communication Channels

  • Chat at the IRC channel #fedora-python (will be logged).
  • Share ideas and information of packages on Etherpad.
  • Join us on the video conference at opentokrtc.


Active participants will get two badges:

  • Parselmouth: You can speak Python and helped with porting stuff to Python 3.
  • (Not yet designed!) Python 3 Porting FAD 2015: You attended the Python 3 Porting FAD 2015!


Expect links to reports after the event.