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This is the main page for the 2015 Python 3 Porting FAD, which is a FAD (a mini-conference) focused on working on the missing packages, libraries and applications that are not ported to Python 3 but are relevant to the release of the Fedora operating system according to the PortingDB app.

Location and Date

  • Location: Global
  • Date: November 14-15


One of the foundations of the Fedora Community is Features, which represents our commitment to excellence. Five years ago the Python 3 stack was added to Fedora, with the hope that at some point Python 3 will replace Python 2. About two years ago an effort was begun to make Python 3 the default implementation. There has been great progress, but is not enough. Here is why: Fedora has 2941 Python packages , which only the 32% have been ported to Python 3.


Not yet defined.

Points of Contact

Important Skills

Not yet defined.


Not yet defined.

Communication Channels

  • Chat at the IRC channel #fedora-python (will be logged).
  • Share ideas and information of packages on Etherpad.
  • Join us on the video conference at opentokrtc.


Active participants will get two badges:

  • Parselmouth: You can speak Python and helped with porting stuff to Python 3.
  • (Not yet designed!) Python 3 Porting FAD 2015: You attended the Python 3 Porting FAD 2015!


Expect links to reports after the event.