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Name of the Country

The Netherlands

Numbers of Ambassadors


very active ones


less active ones


in comparision to the last few years


OpenSource Events

since 2010 in numbers

3 per year: T-DOSE and semi-annual NLLGG meetings

which were attended by Ambassadors from your Country

last year: 2 at T-DOSE

which were attended by Fedora Ambasadors in general

last year: 1 external at T-DOSE (biertie)

with numbers of visitors (if possible) to rate the importance

- T-DOSE: +- 100 visitors - NLLGG: +- 50 visitors

which will come up in 2014 and


mwhich will be covered by the Ambassadors of your Country (and/or assistance through other Countrys)

- T-DOSE - NLLGG (will be used for release parties)


the Budget your Country got the past few years (since 2010 till today)

Only some minor swag for last T-DOSE

the Budget you need in 2014 to cover the events your Country plans (if possible in the fiscal year quarter from Red Hat) and that one please if possible divided for

None, just some swag


Pretty active #fedora-nl, but not much Fedora talk Trying to get for some time, but not known who owns it (also nobody willing to moderate etc)