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Traffic in Sao Paulo

Technical FAD in Sao Paulo


Planned to happen close to the Fedora 19 Beta Release this Technical FAD is the event promoted by Brazilian contributors during the FY14.


In this meeting we're going to have hands on sessions presented about how to get engaged and contribute with Fedora, with focus in requirements and process. This sessions are going to take part of FAD time and will be presented by Brazilian Fedora Contributors and Red Hat employees. The remaining time will be spent working in QA activities and bug reporting for Fedora 19 Beta.

Furthermore, our intention to create a mentorship program so that new contributors can have their progress assisted by other experienced volunteers.


There are some expected deliverable for this Fedora Activity Day:

  • Have new contributors properly enabled to collaborate, i.e with functional FAS accounts, personal wiki pages and enrolled with the SIGs
  • Determine mentors for each new contributors so that they work and progress can be followed
  • Find adopters for orphan packages in FAD
  • During part of FAD we're going to work in QA activities for Fedora 19 Beta
  • In the end of the event we're going to discuss the participation in other conferences during FY14

Organization Team

Date and Location

Date & Time

  • Date: Saturday, June 1st 2013
  • Time: 09:00 - 19:00 (1200 UTC - 2100 UTC)


This FAD will take place at Red Hat Brazil Office in Sao Paulo, in a meeting room with capacity for 20-25 people. Tables, chairs, power chords and WiFi will be available in the place and participants just need to bring their laptops running Fedora.

Red Hat Brazil

Faria Lima, 3900 - 8º Andar

Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo SP

Getting there


IMPORTANT: We don't encourage anyone to use the parking at the building where Red Hat Brazil is, because it's really expensive. It's possible to find affordable places to park in the neighborhood, such as the Gas Station in front of the Office. You've been warned! :)



Time Title Abstract Speaker(s)
09:00 Arrival and self introduction
09:30 Contributing to Fedora and Upstream How to contribute to Fedora and other Upstream projects Sergio Durigan Jr
10:00 Fedora QA Becoming a Fedora Bug Hunter Alberto Silva
12:00 Lunch Interval
13:00 Fedora Package Maintainers How to become a Fedora Packager Itamar Peixoto
14:00 Fedora Localization Project How to translate Fedora Diego Zacarão
15:00 Fedora 19 Beta (Tests & Bug Report)
18:00 Fedora Meeting

Fedora Meeting Schedule

Activities planned for FY14

Event or activity Responsible Date Place Status
Collaboration FAD in Buenos Aires Leonardo Vaz TBA (possibly in June) Buenos Aires/Argentina Work in Progress
Fedora Booth at FISL14 Leonardo Vaz 3rd to 6th of July Porto Alegre/Brazil Work in Progress
Attendees at FudCon LATAM 2013 Peruvillian Ambassadors Team TBA Lima/Peru Work in Progress
Fedora participation in Latinoware TBA Foz do Iguaçu/Brazil Work in Progress
Fedora Activity Day in Sao Paulo Ramilton 9th of November Sao Paulo/Brazil Work in Progress


Who can participate in this FAD?

Any Fedora contributor and/or Red Hat employee are invited to place their names in the list bellow.

Important: Only enroll if you alread have a valid account in Fedora Account System as well your own profile page in Fedora Users Wiki!!

# Participant City Affiliation Comment
1 Leonardo Vaz Sao Paulo Red Hat / Fedora Alive and kicking!
2 Marcelo Mello Porto Alegre/RS Red Hat / Fedora Let's rock!
3 Dane Brand Passo Fundo/RS Fedora Ambassadors -
4 Claudio Penasio Jr. Sao Paulo Fedora Ambassadors -
5 Edson Ribeiro Jr Sao Paulo Partners Come on
6 Allan Roque Sao Paulo Red Hat fedora++
7 Raul Cheleguini Jundiaí/SP Red Hat -
8 Carlos Maiolino Cubatao/SP Red Hat / Fedora -
9 Rafael Dini Sao Paulo Red Hat
10 Fabio Futigami Sao Paulo Red Hat
11 Alberto Silva Sao Paulo Red Hat / Fedora
12 Itamar Peixoto Uberlândia/MG Fedora Ambassadors
13 Diego Zacarão Criciuma/SC Fedora Ambassadors
14 Hugo Cisneiros Sao Paulo Fedora Ambassadors Long time no see!
15 Mauricio Teixeira Sao Paulo Red Hat Talk to my lawyer
16 Priscila Veiga Sao Paulo Red Hat Doh!
17 Sergio Durigan Jr Campinas Red Hat / Fedora
18 Leticia Canuto Uberlândia/MG Fedora Ambassadors
19 Marcos Sungaila Sao Paulo Red Hat
20 Kleber Rocha Sao Paulo Fedora User
21 Germán A. Racca São José dos Campos/SP Fedora Packager
22 Add your name Where are you coming from?
23 Add your name Where are you coming from?
24 Add your name Where are you coming from?
25 Add your name Where are you coming from?

Funding Required


Description Cost USD Cost BRL
Airfare subsidy and lodging for Diego Zacarão US$ 250.00 R$ 500.00
Busfare for Itamar Peixoto US$ 125.00 R$ 250.00
Sandwiches and drinks for Lunch (25 people) US$ 100.00 R$ 200.00
Total US$ 675.00 R$ 1350.00
  • Considering USD 1.00 = BRL 2.00


Task Responsible Status Comments
Confirm the date and venue for FAD Leonardo Vaz Finished Date changed to suit it to adjust Fedora 19 Beta Release
Raise costs & budget Sergio Durigan Pending Ticket's opened
Define FAD program Leonardo Vaz Finished Program changed to fit in FAD guidelines
Provide information in the wiki Leonardo Vaz Finished
Allocate rooms for the meeting Leonardo Vaz Finished
Invite participants Leonardo Vaz Pending The invitation is going to be extended to fedora-users mailing