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  1. Our purpose is to... complete with the following primary goals:
    • Develop a strategy/plan for user and contributor growth in APAC
    • Budget planning for APAC (per country as well as the whole region) events/activities in FY2017 (March 2016 - February 2017)
    • Future events in each country and the whole APAC -> [| Event Planning]
  2. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:
    • Feedback/comments from APAC Ambassadors
    • How to produce more centralized swag and distribute it
    • Distribute Ambassador polo shirts. Please check the Polo Shirts request
    • To engage with the local technical community in Singapore to work with Fedora and related projects. A series of talks with specific topics would be called for. A call for papers/topics should go out by October 23 2015

Planning Prerequisites

  • Completed work item
  • Registration of participation in person
  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event

Date and Place

  1. Location: Singapore
  2. Date: 5-6 December 2015
  3. Place: Red Hat Office, 8 Shenton Way, 10-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068 811

Travel and VISA Information

Please refer this link to find if you need VISA enter Singapore.

Local Transportation from Changi Airport to City

MRT: The train station is accessible by foot from Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. To get to the city, transfer to the westbound train at Tanah Merah station. The last train that connects to the last westbound train at Tanah Merah station leaves Changi Airport station at 11.18pm. All the trains and gantries at the stations are luggage-friendly. A single ride ticket can be purchased at train stations. A stored-value EZ-Link card for multiple rides can also be purchased from train stations or any Changi Recommends store.

Bus: Take public bus service 36/36A to the city. The first bus arrives at around 6.00am and the last leaves just before midnight. A single fare costs below $2 and the ride takes about an hour. Bus stops are located at the basement bus bays of Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Please prepare the exact fare as no change will be given. Alternatively, a stored-value EZ-Link card for multiple rides can be purchased from any Changi Recommends store or the Changi Airport train station.

Taxi: Taxis are available at the taxi stands at the Arrival levels of each Terminal. A ride to the city takes about 30 minutes and costs between $20 and $40. Fares are metered and there is an additional Airport surcharge for all trips originating from the Airport:

$5 Airport surcharge: 5.00pm - midnight (Fri - Sun) $3 Airport surcharge: All other times Midnight surcharge of 50% of final metered fare: midnight - 6.00am Peak hours surcharge of 25% of final metered fare: 6.00am - 9.30am (Mon - Fri) and 6.00pm - midnight (Mon - Sun)


Event Owners and Co-organizers

Important skills (for participants)

  • We are welcome people who involved to (writers or co-writers) budget planning process in APAC in the last two years. Ref: Ambassadors/APAC/Budget#References
  • But we encourage people who are new but really active in their home countries to come to share and learn more experience then they can implement scheduled events/activities in their country


Attendee Arrival Date&Time Departure Estimated travel cost Funding request Approved Amount Ticket Booking
1. Harish Pillay - local - N/A
2. Danishka Navin - local - N/A
3. Sirko 4th December 6th December 250$ (130$ just need one way ticket) Ticket #646 $160
4. Prima Yogi Loviniltra 4th December 6th December 100$ Ticket #653
5. Truong Anh Tuan 4th December 7th December 300$ Ticket #644 on fudcon-planning Trac $300
6. Kushal Das 4th December 7th December $500
It should be less than $400 by Jet Airways from Mumbai to Singapore
7. Zamir SUN* 4th December 7th December $500 Ticket #645
8. Woo Huiren local local - N/A
9. Heherson Pagcaliwagan local local - N/A
10. Magie Antonio 4th December 7th December $400 Ticket #648 $200
11. Yan Naing Myint 4th December 7th December $250 Ticket #651 $250
12. Izhar Firdaus 4th December 6th December 50USD / 200MYR Ticket #652
13. Kalpa Welivitigoda 4th December 7th December 300USD Ticket #647 300$
14. David Ramsey 4th December 7th December 750 USD
It should be less than $500, searched by SkyScanner
Ticket #650 1
15. Engels Antonio 4th December 7th December Just need place to sleep, willing to pay for expenses to join the FAD. #649
16. Sarup Banskota 4th December 7th December I'll pay for my travel & hotel expenses if I make it N/A
17. Pravin Satpute Remote Remote N/A
18. Michael Balcos Local Local N/A
19. Prasad J Pandit 4th December 7th December 950/- USD
(most likely it'll be much lesser than that)
Ticket #654

Zamir SUN need visa invitation >> We did not receive contact details to process Zamir's invitation letter. -- Danishka 12th November 2015 >> Received the invitatoin letter -- zsun 13th Nov. 2015

Yan Naing Myint need visa invitation >> Sent Yan's invitation letter. -- -- Danishka 12th November 2015


  • Projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Wifi
  • Power supply to laptops

for Remote Attendance

Accommodation Information

TBD - we will be finalizing the accommodation once we finalize the date and number of attendees.

Possible lunch/dinner locations

Lunch - during the event at Red Hat Office Dinner - TBD

Important Deadlines

Date Deadline
Nov 11th End of registration (onsite participation)
Nov 12th The 1st round fund support approval (for urgent requests)
Nov 14th The 2nd round fund support approval
Nov 15th Reservation for accommodation


Lunch 5-6 Dec: 10$x15(people)x2 (days) = 300$

Dinner 5-6 Dec: 15$x15(people)x2 (days) = 450$

Snacks/Beverages 5-6 Dec: 3$x15(people)x2 (per day)x2 (days) = 180$

Total = 930$

Event Budget

Stuff Estimated Actual Notes
Accommodation $1200
Foods and Drinks $930 snacks, two group dinners and a lunch during meetup
Travel subsidy $3000
TOTAL $5130