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Location and Date

  • Tirana, Albania
  • Arrival: Under schedule
  • Departure: Under schedule

Accomodation and stay

This page is constantly being updated while we work on offers, logistics and costs to provide the best possible solution.
    • Most likely, we will stay at Jolly Hotel, 5min on foot from the very city center. Address is: Avni Rustemi Square, Tirana 1001, Albania

Venue name Type Address Where What we get Estimated cost Comments
1. Jolly Hotel Hotel Avni Rustemi Square 1001 Hosting only Awaiting response

Travel Info

Brief description of the city

Tirana is the capital of Albania. It lies in the center of our country and it is considered as the city of religious coexistence, as well as the center of culture, art, politics and economy.

Further useful information

  • Official currency: Lek (ALL)
  • Time zone: CET (UTC+1), CEST (UTC+2)
  • Important telephone numbers:
    • Emergency Telephone Numbers (Emergency, Ambulance, Fire, Police): 112;

Public Transport

Public Transport is usually not needed in Tirana, especially during FAD where everything will be in 20min walking distance or less. Taxis are relatively cheap locally, starting from 2 EUR and not more than 5 EUR within the city for a single ride.

Airports and their distance from lodging and venue

Tirana International Airport (also called Nënë Tereza International Airport) has just one passenger terminal. The airport is located outside Tirana, within a distance of 18km from the city center.

For more info refer to Wikipedia or the airport's official homepage.

Airport to City

  • 18 km from city center
  • costs by bus is 250 ALL (~2 EUR) from the airport to the city center
  • estimated costs for taxi from the airport to anywhere in the city is usually 1500 ALL (~11 EUR)

Night services

If you arrive late night, buses and taxis should work as usual. We might be also able to pick you up so let us know.

Estimated costs of flights major airports that attendees will travel from

(The prices for the US are generated by

Costs Europe There are unfortunately no low cost airlines flying to Tirana. Prices are estimated:

  • Amsterdam: 190 EUR
  • Berlin: 200 EUR
  • Brussels: 160 EUR
  • London: 230 EUR
  • Madrid: 210 EUR
  • Paris: 180 EUR
  • Rome: 150 EUR
  • Athens: 140 EUR (by bus ~ 50 EUR)

Responsible Ambassadors


Please add yourself if you want to attend including also your estimated budget request for transportation.
Please file a funding request ticket over at the EMEA Swag Tracking Tracker. If you add yourself here, you better make sure to come!
Attendee Arrival Departure Estimated travel cost Funding request ticket number Country Comments
1. add name

Virtual Attendees

Attendee Arrival Departure Estimated travel cost Funding request ticket number Country Comments
1. add name

Virtual Communication Channels

Join our Hangout following the [link link].

You can share ideas with us at the [titanpad etherpad] and chat with as at #fedora-meeting-2 (logged, meeting bot running) channel.

Budget Summary

Preliminary Budget Plan. Budget not yet allocated.

Accommodation + Dinner: ~ €

Travel Costs:


Purpose & Impact

This FAD is an annual planning event for the EMEA community. The most active ambassadors from various countries get together to discuss what activities we should do in the next year, what events to attend, what swag to produce. The main outcome of this event is an EMEA budget proposal for the next fiscal year which includes a list of events we will spend money on, Fedora media production, and swag production. If this event didn't take place it would have a significant impact on our activity in the region in the next year. because doing such complex planning via emais and IRC would be very complicated, the budget proposal might not even be created.

Planned Agenda

Agenda proposal coming soon.


  • Nothing yet

Suggested Solutions for Video Conferencing

  • - based on WebRTC, works in all recent browser including mobile ones, no accounts needed, limit 8 people per conference
  • Hangouts - working and scalable solution, Google account needed, proprietary protocol, requires a proprietary plugin in browser

Pros and Cons of the proposed location


  • the local Open Labs hackerspace supports the event with a striving community
  • organized by a highly active and growing Fedora community in Albania
  • great experience from the local community organizing events
  • everything is accessible at walking distance
  • the local hospitality is great for new people
  • a lot of people speak English
  • prices are really cheap for food and drinks
  • Great Venue and Lodging for a good price
  • Good weather most months of the year
  • First Fedora EMEA FAD Conference in Albania


  • Flight prices might be a bit more expensive than Central Europe
  • support from local companies seems unlikely