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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.
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Since this is a guideline please do not make any changes. This wiki page is maintained by the FAmSCo members based in North America. Currently, this is Clint Savage (herlo) and Nick Bebout (nb). Please contact them for more clarifications.
The following guidelines apply ONLY to Fedora Ambassadors North America (FAmNA).


The NA-specific reimbursement guidelines are related to the change of budget handling within the Fedora community. Each region now has its own budget and can set its own guidelines to handle budget requests within limits given by FAmSCo and OSAS.

Most FAmNA expenses are prepaid and do not require reimbursement. This guideline is in the rare exception when reimbursement is required.


  1. Create a wiki page with information about your event (eg: Date and venue, purpose, tentative agenda, detailed budget break down ...)
  2. Anyone can create an event wiki page. There MUST be an event owner (there can be one or more event owners)
  3. FAmNA meetings are held every Tuesday at 21:00ET (9pm Eastern Time), please participate in the next meeting and get your request approved.

Travel Subsidies

Representing Fedora at an event or hackfest outside the local area can include reimbursed travel expenses. Travel expenses including airfare/fuel/bus fare, boarding/hotel accommodation, etc can be reimbursed, depending on the available budget the request may be approved fully or partially.

  1. Please follow Sponsoring event attendees.
  2. FAmNA meetings are held every Tuesday at 21:00ET (9pm Eastern Time), please participate in the next meeting and get your request approved.


  1. Only Fedora contributors can request funds or other needs.
  2. FAmNA meetings are held every Tuesday 21:00ET (9pm Eastern Time), please participate for the next meeting and get your request approved.

General Considerations for Reimbursements

  • No reimbursements for personal purposes (eg: Business cards)
  • Don't spend money before the request is approved.
  • All amounts should be in USD (US Dollars)
  • Don't spend more than the amount requested.
  • Once the amount is reimbursed, confirm payment.
  • Fedora does not reimburse costs for feeding individuals. Some group events may be excluded, but a request must be made in advance and would fit under 'Other' above.
  • All predictable and large expenses need to be planned in regional budgets prior to a quarter when they happen. Requests filed before a quarterly budget is approved have better chance of being accepted.

Methods of Reimbursements

Reimbursements in the North America region are made via PayPal.