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This page pertains to the most general FAQs about IRC.

What is IRC ?

IRC, abbreviated for Internet Relay Chat, provides a platform for open chatting & is chiefly designed for group communication . It consists of networks which themselves contains channels which refers to the place for group discussion relevant to the topics for the discussion.

Why should I join IRC ?

IRC allows you to have real time chat with individuals proficient in various fields around the globe & helps you in discussion of your problem .

What are the ways to join IRC ?

There are various ways to join IRC--

  • Installing IRC application
  • Using your web browser

You can install various programs available both for Linux as well as windows.

Here are some of the them --

You can install the application in the manner applicable to your Operating System

You can connect to IRC with your web browser

I am a newbie and I'd like to have list of networks & channels ?

You can get the exhaustive listing of networks & channels here.

There are over 7000 networks present with over 800,000 users

What is Freenode ?

Freenode is the network which Fedora project used before it was took over in May 2021. Most of the communities there moved to its successor, Libera, and some moved to OFTC. Freenode is no longer used by the Fedora project.

What is Libera ?

Libera is the current IRC network used by Fedora project, successor of Freenode. It was created in May 2021, and is geared towards free and opensource projects.