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{{Admon/important | This page often changes! | Because this page will be updated before every meeting, it's important to paste the proper version of the agenda into the reminder emails that are sent to the FAmSCo list and the Ambassadors list.}}
{{Wiki_cleanup | This page is outdated. | The [ agenda for the meetings] is now in [ FAmSCo's trac].}}
== Current action items ==
* All
** Bring discussion on media wrangler and budget for media on Regional Meetings
* Larry
** Informs us on the possibility to host fc.o within RH
** Setting up of Mentors Town Hall
* Gbraad & Kaio
** Examine the possibility of FUDCON China 2011
*** Possibility for a joined Mozilla Event
** Draft a proposal to infra and board about easing out the process for applying for a subdomain on fc.o
* Pierros
** <stike>sends an email to Larry about preparing upcoming townhalls</strike>
** drafts a proposal about Regional Swag wranglers
** Reform [[Events]] page to be more usable with help from Gerard
*** Awaiting css work from admin team
*** Blocker by this [ update]
** Reopens "Ambassador Conduct" after CWG has sth to work on
** [[Ambassadors_SOPs]]
*** Push Ambassadors SOP editing on regional meetings
** Reports bug blocking wiki update to the board
*** <strike>Nudge on the bug</strike>
** <strike>Posts in famsco list about Rahul items</strike>
** [ Schedule]
*** Announce next items
** <strike>Contacts lcafierro about renaming the Ambassadors NA meeting page</strike>
** <strike>Initiates off list discussion leading to private meeting for Bangladesh</strike>
** Files bugs in Design Team bug for F-15 Ambassadors needed artwork
* Igor
** check if a limesurvey instance would be helpful for FAMSCo survey
** contacts infra team for a tool to contact a survey
* Rahul
** Ambassadors survey to help set FAmSCo long term agenda.
** Clarifies the mentor confirmation process within famsco with help form Larry
** needs to report back on survey tool by 9th of April
* Kaio
** checks out how to get RHCE tutor and RHCX qualification
** gets 600 CDs out of door by next week (almost done)
** start the discussion of Fedora Classroom sessions
* Neville
** explore the possibilities of fedora support on LibreBus and update FAmSCo on that
== 2011-4-1 agenda ==
=== Old business ===
* Review open action items
=== New business ===
* Ambassadors Schedule
=== Every week, depending on time ===
* 10 minutes -- short regional reports and feedback.
* Max -- Lead review of [ open tickets].

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