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{{Admon/important | This page often changes! | Because this page will be updated before every meeting, it's important to paste the proper version of the agenda into the reminder emails that are sent to the FAmSCo list and the Ambassadors list.}}
{{Wiki_cleanup | This page is outdated. | The [ agenda for the meetings] is now in [ FAmSCo's trac].}}
== Current action items ==
* Gerard
** sends an email to mobilize China ambassadors for the FUDCon bid
** Examine the possibility of FUDCON China 2011 and draft proposal
*** Possibility for a joined Mozilla Event
**** Will be done within this month
** Draft a proposal to infra and board about easing out the process for applying for a subdomain on fc.o
* Pierros
** drafts a proposal about Regional Swag wranglers
** Reforming Events page
*** Awaiting css work from admin team
*** After this [ update]
** [[Ambassadors_SOPs]]
** Meeting with Robyn for F16 schedule
* Igor
** Setting up of Mentors Town Hall. Write on mailing list to move forward. Having twice a month town halls to accommodate different time zones.
** Report on Survey
** explore funding possibilities for the Free Software International Forum. [ Ticket 161]
* Rahul
* Kaio
* Neville
== 2011-4-1 agenda ==
=== Old business ===
* Review open action items
=== New business ===
* Ambassadors Schedule
=== Every week, depending on time ===
* 10 minutes -- short regional reports and feedback.
* Pierros -- Lead review of [ open tickets].

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