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== Current action items ==
* Gerard
** Draft a proposal to infra and board about easing out the process for applying for a subdomain on fc.o
* Pierros
** drafts a proposal about Regional Swag wranglers
** Reforming Events page
*** Files ticket on CSS suppression of hidden tag
** [[Ambassadors_SOPs]]
** Meeting with Robyn for F16 schedule
*** Set for Tue 5th July 20:00 UTC
*** Mail reminder on that
* Igor
** creates a wiki page about Ambassador Liaisons with other teams
** publishes October report
* Rahul
* Kaio
* Neville
** announces next public FAmSCo meeting
== 2011-4-1 agenda ==
=== Old business ===
* Review open action items
* Review [[User:Jsimon/draft_community_credit_card_process|Community Credit Card draft by Joerg]]
=== New business ===
=== Every week, depending on time ===
* 10 minutes -- short regional reports and feedback.
* Pierros -- Lead review of [ open tickets].

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This page is outdated.
The agenda for the meetings is now in FAmSCo's trac.