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This page often changes!
Because this page will be updated before every meeting, it's important to paste the proper version of the agenda into the reminder emails that are sent to the FAmSCo list and the Ambassadors list.

Current action items

  • Larry
    • Informs us on the possibility to host fc.o within RH
    • Setting up of Mentors Town Hall
  • Gbraad & Kaio
    • Draft a proposal to infra and board about easing out the process for applying for a subdomain on fc.o
  • Pierros
    • Reform Events page to be more usable with help from Gerard
      • Awaiting css work from admin team
      • Blocker by this update
    • Reopens "Ambassador Conduct" after CWG has sth to work on
    • Ambassadors_SOPs
      • Pierros to mail on list asking for further help -- DONE
      • Announcement after that -- DONE
  • Rahul
    • Ambassadors survey to help set FAmSCo long term agenda.
    • Clarifies the mentor confirmation process within famsco with help form Larry
  • Kaio
    • legal of Fedora Classroom
    • fedora at career fair in Brisbane (up to more general discussions about similar scenario)

2011-3-13 agenda

Old business

  • Review open action items

New business

  • Ambassadors Schedule actions
  • Organizing a private meeting to resolve Bangladesh issue.

Every week, depending on time

  • 10 minutes -- short regional reports and feedback.
  • Max -- Lead review of open tickets.