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'''Frequency:''' n/d
'''Frequency:''' n/d
== Fedora Board Releation ==
== Fedora Board Relation ==
'''Owner:''' [[FrancescoUgolini]]
'''Owner:''' [[FrancescoUgolini]]

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FAmSCo Tasks List

Task Name

Owner: (e.g. FAmSCo, Chair)

Description: (Task details)

Frequency: (Is this task weekly, monthly, yearly?)


Owner: FAmSCo

Description: Treasurer indicates to FAMSCo the budget for the upcoming quarter, as well as any "promises" or expenses that are already known that will impact that budget in some way. Then, FAMSCo goes through the event list and determines how it would like to allocate funds. (see Budget page )

Frequency: each FY quarter - Event "freeze" 1 month before start of quarter.

FAmSCo meeting

Owner: Chair (Vice-Chair)

Description: FAmSCo members general meeting (see Meetings page )

Frequency: weekly - Meeting reminder has to be sent, at least, a day before the meeting

FAmSCo meeting summary

Owner: Thomas Canniot

Description: A Summary of the meeting, along with the log, has to be sent to FAmSCo and Ambassadors MLs, with a brief description of the topic discussed and the decision taken during this one.

Frequency: Everytime FAmSCo meeting is hold.

FAmSCo TRAC instance

Owner: SusmitShannigrahi

Description: Manage and organize the [|| FAmSCo Trac instance.]

Frequency: n/d

Ambassadors Membership Adiministration

Owner: JoergSimon

Description: Membership Administration: follow new ambassadors during the joining process, track it and work towards an improvement of ambassadorial experience.

Frequency: n/d


Owner: MaxSpevack

Description: Define and plan FADs

Frequency: n/d

Release Parties

Owner: FrancescoUgolini & SusmitShannigrahi

Description: Plan and coordinate Fedora Release Parties organization

Frequency: each Fedora release (for 2009, F11 and F12)

French Ambassadors Organization

Owner: ThomasCanniot

Description: Working on a better organization of the French spoken ambassador

Frequency: each Fedora release (for 2009, F11 and F12)

Marketing Collaboration

Owner: t.b.d.

Description: Working with Marketing project to define the marketing plan and to make it real working in the Ambassadors Project.

Frequency: n/d

Fedora Board Relation

Owner: FrancescoUgolini

Description: Keep, when it's needed, Fedora Board updated on what is happening in FAmSCo/Ambassadors Project and let FAmSCo know about the policies promoted by this one. Frequency: n/d