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Owner: Max

Description: We need to make sure that we are tracking and distributing resources to Ambassadors around the world. FAmSCo's budget manager is responsible for handling each quarter's budget.


Owner: Joerg and/or Max

Description: The FAmSCo chair or vice-chair is responsible for the FAmSCo meetings. The meeting agenda should be sent to the FAmSCo and Ambassadors list before the meeting, and the meeting summary generated by MeetingBot should be sent to the same lists after the meeting.

Trac instance

Owner: Susmit

Description: Manage and organize the FAmSCo Trac instance.

Membership administration

Owner: Joerg

Description: Membership Administration: follow new ambassadors during the joining process, track it and work towards an improvement of ambassadorial experience.

Frequency: n/d

Release parties

Owner: Francesco & Susmit

Description: Plan and coordinate release parties with each new release of Fedora.

Marketing collaboration

Owner: Joerg & David

Description: Work with Marketing project to define the marketing plan and to make it real working in the Ambassadors Project.


Owner: Joerg

Description: Organize and manage the mentoring process for new Fedora Ambassadors, including Fedora Classroom sessions and other communication.

FIXME -- other tasks

  • Monthly report for the entire community.
  • Update FAmSCo election rules.
  • Town hall IRC meetings.
  • Labeled spin media.
  • Survey amongst mentors on the Ambassador Mentorship -- As part of FAmSCo coaching Ambassadors and strengthening the mentor program, it would be good to have a survey developed and used to obtain feedback from the mentors. This would allow FAmSCo to tweak the program to make it more fruitful and enriching experience.
  • FAmSCo Statutes
  • Ambassadors:Statistics