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Fedora Events: Fedora Day in Menoufiya


  • 1- Session[1]: "Welcome to Fedora".
  • 2- Session[2]: "Power of OpenSource".
  • 3- Giveaways distribution for students like ( T-shirts + stickers + Fedora CD/DVD).

I'm planning to make two sessions in this event one to talk about Fedora Linux and how it's related to red hat .so that students have a good idea about Fedora OS and know that it's a friend of Redhat. The second session , We will talk about Open Source Technologies and it's effect in industry and software development . Finally , We will distrbute on the attendees .some Fedora Giveaways like T-shirts ,Stickers and Fedora DVD and CD live

Date and Where

  • Date : December 2008
  • Where : Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufyia University - EGYPT


  • Hamada Zahera: Fedora Ambassador [1]
  • Omar ElZanaty: Fedora Ambassador [2]


after the event


after the event