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This wiki page will help any sysadmin having a Fedora Hosted Project completely removed either because the owner requested to have it removed or for whatever any other issue that would take us to remove a project. This page covers git, Trac, Mailing List and FAS group clean-up.

Our first move

If you are going to remove a Fedora Hosted's project, please remember to create a folder into /srv/tmp that should follow the following syntax:

cd /srv/tmp && mkdir $project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx

where xx-xx-xx should be substituted with the date everything should be purged away from there. (it happens 14 days after the delete request)

Removing Project's git repo

Having a git repository removed can be achieved with the following steps:

cd /git
mv $project.git/ /srv/tmp/$project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx/

We're done with git!

Removing Trac's project

Steps are:

cd /srv/web/trac/projects
mv $project/ /srv/tmp/$project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx/

and...that's all!

Removing Project's ML

We have two options here:

Delete a list, but keep the archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist <listname>

Delete a list and its archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist -a <listname>

If you are going to completely remove the Mailing List and its archives, please make sure the list is empty and there are no subscribers in it.

FAS Group Removal

Not every Fedora sysadmin can have this done since you need access to the FAS group 'accounts'. If you do have this access, just log in into FAS and manually remove the group. (its syntax is usually git-$project)

If you don't have the required access, please contact any sysadmin available in that group.