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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2009, Brussels, Belgium

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The eight Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting is a 2 day event, organised by volunteers, to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), FOSDEM meetings are recognized as "The best Free and Open Source events in Europe."


More information about FOSDEM

Mailinglist: fosdem at We will inform you when news about FOSDEM is available.

Location and Date

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 7 and 8 February 2009
  • Attendance and Parking is free
  • ULB University (the French one)
ULB Campus Solbosh
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles 

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The event is easily reachable by public transportation. For details, see below. If you are afraid of getting lost, the following links might help you:

More information

Mailinglist: fosdem at We will inform you when news about FOSDEM is available.

What FOSDEM is

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event for the community and organised by the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers and communities a place to meet to

  • get in touch with other developers and projects,
  • get informed about the latest developments in the Free and Open Source world,
  • attend to interesting talks and presentations held in large conference rooms by Free and Open Source project leaders and commiters on various topics,
  • and to promote the development and the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions.

As for being a free event, participation and attendance is totally free of charge (although we thankfully accept donations and sponsorship). To help the community, FOSDEM sets up DevRooms (Developer Rooms) where teams can meet and showcase their projects. It is also a place where a team can discuss, code (hacking sessions), publicly present latest directions, lightning talks, news, and decisions. The FOSDEM Team thinks it is very important that developers from around the world can meet 'in real life' and we believe projects can benefit from these meetings. Common facilities such as network/internet connectivity and projectors are provided by us.

Last year there were more than 160 talks in the developer rooms, and then the main tracks, as well as the LPI exams, plus lightning talks and GPG/CAcert key signing.


  • 4th September 2008
- The Kick of Fedora at FOSDEM 2009 have launched the . Checkmark.png
  • 1st December 2008
- The CentOS+Fedora devroom request for FOSDEM 2009 (7+8 February) has been accepted. Checkmark.png
  • 3rd December 2008
- The request for a stand at FOSDEM 2009 has been accepted (2 tables).  Checkmark.png
  • 8th December 2008
- Speakers Request have been sent for the following subjects : Checkmark.png
- Genome 
- Cft
- Func
- O'Virt
- Spacewalk
- FreeIPA
- Puppet
- Thincrust
- Cobbler
- Etc...
  • 9th December 2008
- Replies for Speakers Requests have been received until now from : Checkmark.png
- Genome
- FreeIPA
- Cobbler
  • 10th December 2008 - Reply from the Genome Project.
> We don't have someone that can travel to the FOSDEM conference this year but we really appreciate 
> you keeping us in the loop. 
> Honestly, we are fairly new in terms of reaching out to conferences and are just starting 
> to build up materials and presentations.  That said, we are ramping up in that area 
> and are planning on hitting some local conferences later in the year.  
> Please keep us in the loop for next year and we should be better prepared!

- Research for another Open source project which could be intersting for visitor.
  Magento Commerce is a good candidate.

- Max is going to take in charge of Swags and DVDs for the event. 

Critical Points

  • FROM NOW : WE NEED SPEAKERS !!! Stop (medium size).png

Booth personnel

Fosdem2009 goingto.png

FredericHornain Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Event Owner EN, FR
MaxSpevack Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Speaker EN
JoergSimon Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png FedoraLogistic EN, DE
ChitleshGoorah Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Speaker and Booth personnel EN, FR
GeroldKassube Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Booth personnel EN, DE
FabianAffolter Fedora Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Booth personnel EN, DE, FR
-- -- Checkmark.png Checkmark.png -- --

Checkmark.png : Present Warning.png : Absentee Note.png : No idea yet



  • Two tables of min. 1m x 70cm each, positioned in the hallways of the Developer Rooms and between the Main Track conference rooms,
  • Two chairs per table,
  • One power plug type C/E (bring connectors/adapters etc yourself),
  • Best-effort shared wireless Internet access (a and b)

See picture above in order to have an idea.

Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS development room


  • A room on Sat 7th from 12:00 to 18:00 and on Sun 8th from 10:00 to 17:00,
  • A video projector (with VGA cable)
  • Power (C/E plugs)
  • Wired (RJ-45) network with Internet access at the speaker's desk,
  • Best-effort shared wireless Internet access (a and b),
  • Publication of the schedule on the FOSDEM website, including speaker bios and talk abstracts.



  • ChitleshGoorah - Fedora Electronic Lab : Beyond software !

Fedora Talks Planning

  • tbd


  • tbd

  • tbd


  • For any questions, remarks, feel free to contact Frederic Hornain at <fhornain AT gmail DOT com>

Visitors' Corner

  • Fedora will have a booth where visitors can come and ask all sorts of questions with respect to the fedora project.


FYI, some Ambassadors have already registered at the [| Renaissance Brussels Hotel ] in order to organise in front of FOSDEM meetings with the Board of Fedora EMEA e.V.

Social Events

  • As every year, there will be a FOSDEM beer event on Friday night before FOSDEM (6 February 2009).