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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2010 Accomodation

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This page is related to FOSDEM 2010 Accomodation.

Warning.png : FYI, the organizer are currently working on finding a common accomodation for all participants - see link above -.

Warning.png : Feel free to contact the Project Team - see above - if you have any remarks, comments, ideas, etc..which can help us to improve the FOSDEM'10 Edition. Thanks a lot. - see link above -

Note.png : For more details about the organization in itself, please go to FOSDEM 2010 Project Management details related wiki page.

Note.png : For more details about the event in itself, please go to Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium related wiki page.

Accommodation for FOSDEM at Brussels

If you have already made arrangements for a hotel at FOSDEM 2010, please list that information here:

Name Accommodation Arrival Departure Roommate? Need subsidy? (if available)
Jens Kühnel TBD Friday Sunday Red(?) No
Sandro Mathys TBD Friday Sunday Jens Kühnel No
Fabian Affolter TBD Friday Sunday - No
-- -- -- -- -- --
add yourself -- -- -- -- --


FOSDEM and Fedora Ambassadors do not recommend any particular hotel or hostel. However, here is a list of popular accommodations for FOSDEM visitors to get you started. wikitravel also lists some places to stay. There is a large selection of hotels that can be booked online at - along with the comments of previous hotel guests!

Bed & Breakfast

In short: They provide you with B&B accommodation and cultural service/information. Online booking.


  • CHAB: Centre Van Gogh Rue Traversiere, 8 1210 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2170158 Fax: +32.2.2197995

In short: Old hotel, but very good rooms in the second part (in front). Direct connection to FOSDEM by tramway. Near Turkish area, so animated.

  • Novotel Tour Noire Novotel Brussels Centre Tour Noire Rue de la Vierge Noire 32 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.5055050 Fax: +32.2.5055000

In short: This hotel is located right in the center of Brussels on the site of the Tour Noire.

  • Novotel Grand Place Novotel Brussels Grand Place Rue du Marché Aux Herbes 120 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +3225143333 Fax: +3225117723

In short: Hotel renewed, modern, a bit dark. Animated area Direct connection by bus, not far from historical center.

  • Sleep Well Youth Hostel Rue du Damier, 23 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2185050 Fax: +32.2.2181313

In short: Modern hotel, with lots of people. Good position for metro/bus.

In short: A recently renovated hostel, about 35 min. from FOSDEM by bus or tram.

In short: Nice central youth hostel, next to Metro Madou.

  • 2GO4 Quality Hostel Avenue Emile Jacqmain, 99 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2193019 Fax: +32.2.2193009

In short: Nice, new youth hostel, located in the heart of Brussels.