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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2010 Accomodation

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This page is related to FOSDEM 2010 Accomodation.

Warning.png : FYI, the organizer are currently working on finding a common accomodation for all participants - see link above -.

Warning.png : Feel free to contact the Project Team - see above - if you have any remarks, comments, ideas, etc..which can help us to improve the FOSDEM'10 Edition. Thanks a lot. - see link above -

Note.png : For more details about the organization in itself, please go to FOSDEM 2010 Project Management details related wiki page.

Note.png : For more details about the event in itself, please go to Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium related wiki page.

Accommodation for FOSDEM at Brussels

If you have already made arrangements for a hotel at FOSDEM 2010, please list that information here:

Name Accommodation Arrival Departure Roommate? Need subsidy? (if available)
Jens Kühnel TBD Friday Sunday  ??? No
Sandro Mathys TBD Friday Sunday Marcus Moeller No
Fabian Affolter TBD Friday Sunday - No
Pierros Papadeas TBD Friday Monday Anastasis, Kostas (?) Yes
Sascha Spreitzer TBD Thursday Sunday Gerold Kassube No
JoergSimon at the Renaissance Hotel Friday Sunday booked SingleRoom No
Lorenzo Villani Renaissance Hotel or Youth Hostel (still undecided) Friday Monday I'd like to share the room with someone to cut costs, if possible Yes
add yourself -- -- -- -- --


FOSDEM and Fedora Ambassadors do not recommend any particular hotel or hostel. However, here is a list of popular accommodations for FOSDEM visitors to get you started. wikitravel also lists some places to stay. There is a large selection of hotels that can be booked online at - along with the comments of previous hotel guests!

Bed & Breakfast

In short: They provide you with B&B accommodation and cultural service/information. Online booking.


  • CHAB: Centre Van Gogh Rue Traversiere, 8 1210 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2170158 Fax: +32.2.2197995

In short: Old hotel, but very good rooms in the second part (in front). Direct connection to FOSDEM by tramway. Near Turkish area, so animated.

  • Novotel Tour Noire Novotel Brussels Centre Tour Noire Rue de la Vierge Noire 32 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.5055050 Fax: +32.2.5055000

In short: This hotel is located right in the center of Brussels on the site of the Tour Noire.

  • Novotel Grand Place Novotel Brussels Grand Place Rue du Marché Aux Herbes 120 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +3225143333 Fax: +3225117723

In short: Hotel renewed, modern, a bit dark. Animated area Direct connection by bus, not far from historical center.

  • Sleep Well Youth Hostel Rue du Damier, 23 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2185050 Fax: +32.2.2181313

In short: Modern hotel, with lots of people. Good position for metro/bus.

In short: A recently renovated hostel, about 35 min. from FOSDEM by bus or tram.

In short: Nice central youth hostel, next to Metro Madou.

  • 2GO4 Quality Hostel Avenue Emile Jacqmain, 99 1000 Bruxelles Tel: +32.2.2193019 Fax: +32.2.2193009

In short: Nice, new youth hostel, located in the heart of Brussels.