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This page is related to FOSDEM 2012 Accomodation.

Note.png : For more details about the event in itself, please go to Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels, Belgium related wiki page.

If you have already made arrangements for a hotel at FOSDEM 2012, please list that information here:

Name Arrival Departure Roommate? Where?
Bert Desmet 04/02/2011 06/02/2011 Yes please Hotel Moon
Zoltan Hoppar 03/02/2011 07/02/2011 Yes please Hotel Moon
Pierre-Yves Chibon 03/02/2012 05/02/2012 Kévin Raymond Renaissance Brussels
Kévin Raymond 03/02/2012 05/02/2012 Pierre-Yves Chibon Renaissance Brussels
Kashyap Chamarthy 02/02/2011 09/02/2011 No, thanks Renaissance Brussels
Tom Callaway 03/02/2012 07/02/2012 Not at this time. Renaissance Brussels
Christoph Wickert 03/02/2012 06/02/2012 Sure, but I'll be with the Xfce guys TBD
Name Arrival Departure Roommate? Where?