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Fedora Events: FSF - Free Software Conference 2013, Budapest

The FSF-OSSC is an continue of the old FSF conference tradition, what is an one day event where we could meet lots of local users, and companies. Last time we have also attended, and made huge sucess, and now we are invited again.

When and Where

  • 8. June. 2013
  • The event will be held from 8 AM to 6 PM. The public opening for the booth area will be from 9 AM.
  • Óbuda University of Information Technology and Economics (BME),
  • Website:
  • 1034 Budapest Bécsi road 96/B, Budapest

Booth Personal


We have:

  • Space
  • 2 meter table (longer available, or we get one more)
  • 2 chairs (if we need more we could have it)
  • Wireless or better wired Internet Access (hopefully it will work) and electricity
  • Catering: Included freely for 2 times for booth persons, but there is also available to purchase anything - water, and the more important coffee :)
  • Stand Up Roller

We need:

  • Swag - Swag and media ticket has been created at swag tracker. See status for ticket link.

About talks:

  • Calling for papers has ended.
  • One of our talk proposals were accepted (Rgeri77 will talk about Fedora usage and Gaming), otherwise we have to make quick talks and presentations at desk directly to the visitors.
  • We try to make all day represent the newly released F19.
  • Parking is easy by car, near of the event place is almost empty around at the university at weekends.

Dev/Project Room

Not needed, there is enough space to work

Event Official poster and page [1]


  • Prepared to represent Fedora with full equipment.
  • We are returning 3nd time to this one day event, and we are welcomed.
  • We need more some spare swag if possible. Ticket has been created. Ticket no. 250.


Look for us if you are in Budapest!


Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.


  • Youtube playlist, archieve videos: [3]
  • Youtube 2012 quick walkthrough, summary: [4]