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fudcon apac 2014 cfp decision

9:03 PM <alick> #startmeeting FUDCon APAC 2014 CFP decision 9:04 PM <alick> #topic CFD decision 9:04 PM <alick> I want to mention some guideline in my mind. 9:04 PM <zsun> I think zodbot is not here today 9:04 PM <zsun> okay 9:05 PM <alick> I did a rough count, find about 15 foreign, and 15 Chinese speakers. 9:05 PM <alick> #idea the number of acceptance of foreign and Chinese speakers should be more or less the same. 9:05 PM <alick> that means, 11 for each group. 9:06 PM <zsun> 11 topic each 9:06 PM — zsun wondering how to move zodbot here 9:07 PM <alick> #idea lightning talk is not counted in the total number (22) 9:07 PM <zsun> okay 9:07 PM <alick> zsun: oops, zodbot disappeared? 9:07 PM <zsun> yes 9:08 PM <alick> it disappear in #fedora-zh too 9:08 PM <zsun> so, maybe server outage 9:08 PM <alick> yeah, I think I have some client log enabled. 9:09 PM <zsun> so we can continue as well 9:10 PM <alick> ok, let's continue. 9:10 PM <alick> tonghuix: here? 9:10 PM <tonghuix> yes 9:10 PM <alick> let's check submission in row 3. 9:11 PM <alick> Nitesh Narayan Lal: Fedora Videos 9:11 PM <zsun> I vote +1 for Fedora Videos 9:12 PM <zsun> but have some consern 9:12 PM <alick> the speaker has other two submissions 9:12 PM <alick> let's check them all. 9:12 PM <zsun> okay 9:13 PM <alick> * Omega - A Universe Over IP 9:13 PM <zsun> Row8 and Row 25 9:13 PM <alick> * 25: Omega - A Universe Over IP 9:13 PM <alick> oops 9:13 PM <alick> * 25: Fedora Women 9:13 PM <zsun> Row 25 Fedora Women 9:14 PM ⇐ KageSenshi quit (~kagesensh@fedora/KageSenshi) Remote host closed the connection 9:15 PM <alick> I'd like to vote for Fedora Women, 9:15 PM <alick> since it is one of not many topics about community growing. 9:15 PM <zsun> I read through all the info he/she provided. And I vote +1 for Fedora Videos with concerns, Omega-A Universe Over IP for -1 since it is too general and +1 for Fedora Women 9:16 PM <alick> zsun: plz share your concern 9:16 PM <alick> I intend to give Fedora Videos a 0. 9:16 PM <alick> tonghuix: how about you? 9:17 PM → KageSenshi joined (~kagesensh@fedora/KageSenshi) 9:17 PM <zsun> As is said, he will involve the crowd. first, will he/she speak English or Chinese? 9:17 PM <tonghuix> +1 to zsun 9:18 PM <zsun> And second, will the crowd easy to follow his action? 9:18 PM <zsun> EOF 9:19 PM <zsun> +1 only because I think it is a good way to introduce the Video project for the general since video is easy for freshman to follow 9:19 PM <alick> tonghuix: what's your vote on Fedora Videos? 9:20 PM <alick> mine will be: videos 0, Omega -1, Women +1. 9:20 PM <tonghuix> I prefer +1 to FV 9:20 PM <alick> ok, so Fedora Videos get +1 9:20 PM <zsun> Omega is -1 *2 now ,so get -1? 9:21 PM <alick> #agreed Nitesh Narayan Lal: Fedora Videos +1, Omega -1, Fedora Women +1 9:21 PM <alick> zsun: I think so. 9:22 PM <zsun> okay 9:22 PM <alick> Now let's check Ankur Sinha's four proposals. 9:22 PM <alick> * Contributing to Fedora QA in 15 minutes Workshop (training) 9:22 PM <alick> * A GPG key signing party Workshop (training) 9:22 PM <alick> * An update on Standard speech 9:23 PM <alick> * Packaging a ROS Groovy SCL for Fedora Hackfest 9:23 PM <tonghuix> I prefer GPG key and ROS 9:23 PM <zsun> +1 for QA, 0 for GPG Key, 0 for Fedora Next and +1 for Packaging 9:24 PM <zsun> and Alick? 9:25 PM <alick> tonghuix: what about the other two, -1 (decline) or 0 (decide later)? 9:26 PM <tonghuix> fedora QA - 0 , Fedora next - -1 9:26 PM <alick> mine: QA -1, GPG +1, +1, packaging +1 9:26 PM <alick> let's take the summation. 9:26 PM <zsun> so now Packaging agreed 9:27 PM <alick> and GPG key 9:27 PM <zsun> QA 0, GPG 2 Fedora.Next 0 9:28 PM <zsun> no more idea from me. Agree with the result 9:28 PM <alick> #idea we can encourage him to make the other two lightning talks. 9:28 PM <zsun> Agreed with the idea as well:) 9:28 PM <alick> #agreed Ankur Sinha: Packaging ROS hackfest +1, GPG key workshop +1 9:29 PM <alick> #agreed Ankur Sinha: 0, QA 0 (might be lightning talks) 9:29 PM <alick> so next one: Aditya Patawari 9:29 PM <alick> * Building Orchestration and Configuration with Ansible at Fedora Project 9:30 PM <alick> * Running Docker on FedoraWorkshop (training) 9:30 PM <zsun> +1 for Ansible and 0 for Docker, since there are several talking about Docker/LXC 9:31 PM <alick> yeah quite several about docker/lxc/continous delivery 9:32 PM <alick> zsun: mine decision is the same with you 9:32 PM <alick> so we can state the result, I think. 9:33 PM <zsun> okay 9:33 PM <alick> #agreed Aditya Patawari: Ansible +1, Docker workshop 0. 9:33 PM <alick> Next: 李建盛 9:33 PM <alick> * Write or Translate Fedora Documents by publican and zanataWorkshop (training) 9:33 PM <alick> * oVirt deep diveStandard speech 9:34 PM <zsun> So many L10N as well 9:34 PM <tonghuix> -1 for both 9:34 PM <alick> is oVirt available on Fedora? 9:35 PM <zsun> -1 for his L10N and 0 for oVirt 9:35 PM <zsun> Yes, oVirt is based on Fedora 9:35 PM <zsun> but I still wonder whether the oVirt topic is too general? 9:36 PM <alick> as a common guideline, I think we should have at least some general topics, 9:36 PM <alick> to make it a bit diverse, and share topic with GNOME 9:36 PM <zsun> so I vote 0 since the topic itself seems okay. 9:37 PM <alick> mine: publican +1, oVirt 0 9:37 PM <alick> #agreed 李建盛 Fedora Documents -1, oVirt 0 9:38 PM — alick thinks publican topic is ok, but anyway. 9:38 PM <alick> Next: Patrick Huang 9:38 PM <alick> * Zanata - open source translation management system 9:39 PM <alick> This is from a Red Hat guy. 9:39 PM <zsun> I vote +1 for this L10N topic 9:40 PM <zsun> (I read through all the samaliar topic together, so just decide which is better from my side.) 9:40 PM <alick> zsun: can you list them here for reference? 9:40 PM <zsun> s/samaliar/similar 9:40 PM <zsun> wait a minute 9:41 PM <alick> The above publican, this one, and ? 9:42 PM <zsun> *11 Patrick Huang Zanata ; *26 Tommy He A life of Translator, *33 Robert Lijun Li *36 Tiansword, *42 Pwu 9:43 PM → @zodbot (opped) joined 9:43 PM <zsun> In my opinion, these topics are on the same or similar area 9:44 PM <alick> I think I prefer #33 to this one. 9:44 PM <alick> so mine will be -1. 9:44 PM <alick> what about you, tonghuix ? 9:44 PM <zsun> I agree with #33 9:45 PM <tonghuix> e.... 9:45 PM <tonghuix> hard to decide 9:45 PM <alick> it is up to you now... 9:45 PM <zsun> I think we can talk about only 11 atm and vote for #11 only 9:45 PM <alick> yes 9:45 PM <alick> we for now just vote for #11. 9:45 PM <zsun> oh, sorry, I vote 0 for this not +1 9:46 PM <alick> ? plz make it clear. 9:46 PM <zsun> typo . I read the wrong line on my paper 9:46 PM <zsun> I mean , I vote 0 for #11 9:46 PM <alick> ok, tonghuix ? 9:46 PM <zsun> I printed all the title and voted last night on paper. And just now I read the wrong line 9:46 PM <tonghuix> +1 to 36 9:47 PM <alick> tonghuix: let's decide on #11 at the moment, 9:47 PM <alick> ignore other similar ones. 9:47 PM <zsun> OT, zodbot is back but still not work. I tried in #fedora-zh just now 9:48 PM — alick bot is sick. 9:48 PM <tonghuix> 0 to 11 9:48 PM <alick> ok 9:48 PM <zsun> so -1 for #11 now 9:48 PM <zsun> in total 9:48 PM <alick> #agreed Patrick Huang: Zanata 0 9:49 PM <alick> zsun: it has two 0, and one -1. it is better to be 0 in total. 9:49 PM <zsun> I understand now 9:49 PM <zsun> then #14? 9:49 PM <alick> So next: Neependra Khare 9:50 PM <alick> * Linux containers (LXC) and future of software deliverWorkshop (training) 9:50 PM <zsun> I vote 0 9:50 PM <tonghuix> -1 9:51 PM <alick> 0 for now. 9:51 PM <alick> there will be similar topic to follow. 9:52 PM <alick> #agreed Neependra Khare: LXC 0 9:52 PM <alick> Next: Tommy He 9:52 PM <alick> * A Life of Translator 9:53 PM <alick> He is a Chinese ambassador, translator. 9:53 PM <zsun> hey, #15? 9:53 PM <alick> oh, i copyed the wrong line... 9:53 PM <zsun> Jenkins CI from Praveen Kumar 9:54 PM <alick> zsun: you are right. 9:54 PM — alick the big table is not easy to traverse... 9:54 PM <zsun> luckily I printed this on A4 paper 9:55 PM <zsun> I prefer 0 for #15 9:55 PM <alick> what's your opinion, we have accepted one about ansible. 9:55 PM <tonghuix> +1 9:56 PM <alick> mine is -1. 9:56 PM <alick> so overall it get 0. 9:56 PM <zsun> okay 9:56 PM <alick> #agreed Praveen Kumar: Jenkins CI 0 9:56 PM <alick> Next: Rui-bin Li 9:56 PM <alick> * Fedora on Loongson, or MIPS 9:57 PM <zsun> I vote +1 9:57 PM <alick> +1 from me too 9:57 PM <zsun> tonghuix your turn now 9:58 PM <alick> #agreed Rui-bin Li: Fedora on Loongson or MIPS +1 9:58 PM <zsun> okay 9:58 PM <alick> tonghuix's does not matter now... 9:58 PM <tonghuix> +1 9:58 PM <alick> tonghuix: ok 9:58 PM <zsun> :-D 9:58 PM <alick> Next: Buddhike Kurera 9:58 PM <alick> five ones to follow 9:58 PM <alick> * GSoC with FedoraStandard speech 9:59 PM <alick> * Fedora FreemediaStandard speech 9:59 PM <alick> * Python with FedoraWorkshop (training) 9:59 PM <alick> * Start a relationship with OSS projectStandard speech 9:59 PM <alick> * Python with FedoraWorkshop (training) 9:59 PM <alick> actually it should be four. There's one duplicate. 10:00 PM — alick this should be the last one (or more) to be decided tonight. 10:00 PM <zsun> +1 for GSoC, 0 for Freemedia, 0 for Py with Fedora, +1 for OSS 10:01 PM <alick> -1 for GSoC, -1 for Freemedia, -1 for Py with Fedora, +1 for OSS 10:01 PM <alick> I recommend GSoc topic merged into OSS. 10:01 PM <zsun> agree with this advise 10:01 PM <alick> tonghuix: you? 10:02 PM <tonghuix> same as zsun, +1 for GSoC, 0 for Freemedia, 0 for Py with Fedora, +1 for OSS 10:02 PM <zsun> so, OSS is +1 now 10:03 PM <alick> so the result is same with yours. 10:03 PM <alick> #agreed Buddhike Kurera: +1 for GSoC, 0 for Freemedia, 0 for Py with Fedora, +1 for OSS 10:04 PM <zsun> I think we should speed up more since we still have over a half to decide 10:04 PM <alick> en 10:05 PM <alick> what about my merging gsoc into OSS idea? 10:05 PM <zsun> agree with this advise 10:06 PM <alick> but we have two +1 now. 10:06 PM <zsun> so tonghuix how about you? 10:06 PM <zsun> merge or leave it as-is 10:07 PM <tonghuix> ok 10:07 PM <tonghuix> merge 10:07 PM <alick> I'll add the info into "note" column 10:07 PM <zsun> then all agreed with merging the two together. 10:07 PM <zsun> okay 10:07 PM <alick> So that's all for today. 10:08 PM <zsun> thanks 10:09 PM <alick> #info we voted nine +1, eleven 0, and one -1. 10:09 PM <zsun> so we all prefer 0 in voting atm:P 10:10 PM <alick> I think the figure is good so far. 10:10 PM <alick> we can only accept about half of them. 10:10 PM <alick> will end meeting today 10:10 PM <alick> #endmeeting 10:11 PM — alick although it was not really started... 10:11 PM <zsun> hope zodbot will be well soon 10:11 PM <alick> I mentioned we need to send out the notification before Mar 24. 10:12 PM <alick> at least for the ones submitted before Mar 14. 10:12 PM <zsun> well, I think maybe you marked one wrong? 10:12 PM <zsun> I just have 8 in total on my paper 10:12 PM <alick> zsun: oh? 10:12 PM <alick> plz check the table 10:13 PM <alick> zsun: there is one at #25 10:13 PM <zsun> #8 Omega -1 in IRC log but +1 in sheet 10:14 PM <zsun> I have the #25 on my paper ticked 10:14 PM <alick> oh yes, that should be a typo. 10:14 PM — zsun hard to read the log without zodbot 10:15 PM <alick> plz check if there are more wrongs. 10:16 PM <zsun> so now finished and already sync on my paper as well. 10:16 PM <zsun> I've checked 10:17 PM — zsun leaving the lab soon 10:17 PM <alick> thx very much 10:18 PM <alick> bye 10:18 PM <alick> see you tomorrow 10:18 PM <zsun> OT zodbot still not working. 10:18 PM <zsun> bye al