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Charleston, SC, located roughly at the midpoint of the South Carolina coastline, is a city known for its hospitality. It's easily accessible with mild winter weather and an average high in January is 59°F. (Not to mention a near-zero risk of being snowed out of the airport.)

Getting there

The city is easily reached by plane through the Charleston International Airport, or by car via I-26, which connects to the much larger I-95 that stretches north-south along the east coast.

The airport is 12 miles from downtown, a $14 shuttle ride or $25 taxi ride. The Amtrak station is 10 miles from downtown.

Possible hotels

[depends on specific location]

  • Room capacity
  • Price
  • Internet connectivity

Public transportation

CARTA, walkability

[add detail]

Event venue

College of Charleston? Citadel? Need a contact who could reserve rooms plus information on:

  • Any charges
  • Options for outside catering
  • Nearby restaurants
  • Internet connectivity


  • Ruth Suehle (NC resident, frequently visiting Charleston)

Pros and Cons


  • Mild weather
  • Easily accessible
  • Lovely location that people would enjoy visiting


  • Not the largest airport in the world (but not difficult to reach)