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  • October 18-20 2017

The date and venue are already confirmed. As soon as the bid is approved we will start the call for papers and define the conference program. Our plan is to get the tickets bought in advance so we can get cheaper prices.

Local Team

Foz do Iguaçu

Foz do Iguaçu, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraná, is the main base for visiting famed Iguaçu Falls, one of the world's largest waterfalls. Stretching for 1.6 miles and straddling the border with Argentina, the falls comprise hundreds of cascades, including the 262ft tall Devil’s Throat. Drenching rides on rubber boats are a popular way to take in the thundering spectacle.

Weather: 28°C (82F), Wind NE at 14 Km/h (8.6 Mph), 65% Humidity (Source: Wikipedia)

About Latinoware

Latinoware is the largest and most important FLOSS conference in Latin America which takes place at Itaipu Technology Park. The 13th edition of Latinoware received 4259 participants from Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and several other countries from the world.

Picture taken at the last conference day, during Latinoware 2016:


Latinoware hosting FUDCon LATAM

Silvio Palmieri, a Brazilian Paraguay Fedora volunteer and member of Latinoware organization committee is proposing to host FUDCon LATAM at Latinoware 2017.

Benefits for Fedora

Having FUDCon LATAM hosted by Latinoware will make the project leverage the infrastructure and the attendance. It will help the project to achieve better results since Latinoware has more than 4 thousand attendees, most of them students from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

How to get in Foz do Iguaçu?

Airports Nearby

One of advantages about the location of this event is that we have 4 airports very close and We can get a better price for airfares.

  • (IGU) Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil
  • (IGR) Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport - Argentina
  • (AGT) Ciudad del Este Guaraní International Airport - Paraguay
  • (ASU) Silvio Pettirossi International Airport - Paraguay (5 hours bus required, $35-$45 [taxi + bus], very comfortable bus from Sol del Paraguay

Prices from selected airports

Sample price calculated to Foz do Iguaçu airport.

City Air Line Price Scales Google Flights Short Link
Lima LATAM USD 495 2
Cusco LATAM USD 504 2
Juliaca LATAM USD 504 2
Panama LATAM USD 1,066 2
Miami Avianca USD 1,017 1
Atlanta Delta USD 2,651 1
Houston LATAM USD 1,048 2
Guatemala Copa USD 1,343 2
San Salvador Avianca USD 1,384 1
San Jose Copa USD 1,186 2
Quito LATAM USD 605 2
Santiago de Chile LATAM USD 436 1
Buenos Aires LATAM USD 527 1
Montevideo Azul USD 310 2
Asunción TAM USD 295 1
Bogota LATAM USD 505 1
Caracas Copa USD 1,363 2
La Paz LATAM USD 805 1
Sao Paulo Azul USD 238 0


Citizens from Latin American countries don't a Visa to visit Brazil, as well most European Union countries as well. We recommend checking the following document for more details:


The average price for a 3 bed room is $100 USD, including breakfast.


Latinoware provides transfers to speakers and the service would be extended to FUDCon speakers as well.

Fedora members interested on presenting talks at FUDCon LATAM

fas account City/Country of Origin Short Description of the Talk
alexove Cusco-Perú Cloud computing and MiPYME(Micro, small and medium companies)
davidzeledon Matagalpa-Nicaragua Raspberry Pi, Education&OpenSource, Fedora-Education Projects)
Julita Inca Lima, Perú Workshop for Linux Admin - 4 hours in a row
Leyla Marcelo Lima, Perú FEDORA designing with Inkscape
Antonio Salles Santiago, Chile Free Software Cloud Platforms
Gonzalo Gomez Santiago, Chile FEDORA Education
Adrian "Chino" Soliard Paraná, Argentina TODO
Eduardo Echeverria Bogotá, Colombia TODO
Frederico Lima Brasília, Brasil Fedora Localization Project - Traduzindo o Fedora

Budget Planning

The expected attendance for Latinoware 2017 is 4500 participants and we are considering to have over 2000 visitors at FUDCon booth, plus people attending to Fedora talks.

We will have two dedicated room for talks, plus a FUDCon area with some booths to receive the people and advertise Fedora.

Since we don't have to spend money on the event organization, we can focus on bringing MORE Fedora volunteers from different countries. This way, we can have a great FUDCon experience by sharing knowledge and culture with folks from different parts of LATAM.

The FUDCon's held in Peru got a good amount of people, but most of the others FUDCon in LATAM failed to bring people to the event.

We placed this bid to solve the problem of audience and bring the best results possible to the Project.

Expenses funded by Fedora

Description Cost
Venue, 100% reverted to the Project 2.000 US$
FUDPub (visit to Itaipu Dam or Iguaçu Falls) 1.000 US$
Travel + Hotel 7.000 US$

Total of Fedora Expenses 10.000 US$

Expenses funded by other Sponsors

Description Cost
Fedora Space for Booths Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Fedora Room + Auditorium Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Translation services for International Talks(from english to portuguese/spanish) Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Transport Hotel x Event x Hotel Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Exclusive room for speakers with Coffee Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Fedora active contributors attending FUDCon get free access to Latinoware Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Lunch for up to 30 Speakers during 3 days of the event Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Slot for Fedora Project / Community Leader in Latinoware Schedule (premier room) Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Cultural Tour to Paraguay Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Free bus Ride to Paraguay for Shopping Paid by our Sponsor's US$
Videos Recorded and uploaded to Youtube Paid by our Sponsor's US$