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# [[User:yaderv|Yader Velásquez]]
# [[User:yaderv|Yader Velásquez]]
# [[User:Joe74|Joel Dávila Balladares]]
# [[User:Joe74|Joel Dávila Balladares]]
# [[User:Germanrs|German Ruíz]]
=Pros and Cons of the proposed location.=
=Pros and Cons of the proposed location.=

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This is still a Draft

Please be aware that there is information that will be updated on this wiki page

Organizing Team

Brief description of the city

Managua, is the Capital City of Nicaragua. The city was destroyed on the earthquake of 1972 and still the old center has not enterely been rebuilt. A new center has emerged South of the old city center, full of commerce and night life. It is a relatively safe city. The city has a few tall buildings and concrete cobbled streets. The city has been expanding with empty spaces in between, so there is no way of walking the city and in several places there is no side walks. It has the Managua lake on the north and hills on the South. The climate is warm all year round. In rainy season usually we got heavy rain for a couple of hours and the rest of the day can be enjoyed.

Major local airports and their distance from lodging and venue.

The major air port is Agusto Cesar Sandino and it code is MGA. It is located about 12 km East of the city center, this will be also more o least the distance to the hotel. The distance can be traveled on about 20 minutes or 40 minutes in rush hours (form 7 to 9 am or from 4 to 6 pm).

Most hotels offer shuttle, although some times payment is required for this service. Most time there is need to book those services.

There are car rentals and taxis availables at the airport, as in any international airport.

Outline of local mass transit.

Public transportation does not meet the city demand, and buses usually circulate over their capacity. There has been a renovation on several bus cooperatives, but you can expect to see plenty of old yellow scholl buses decomitioned from use in the US serving rutes in Managua.

There is plenty of cabs and the fares are not that expensive, usually the equivalent to two or three dollars per ride within the city. There are no fare meters, so be prepare to be overcharged as tourist and also bargain over the price is expected. People usually call their destination and negotiate the price before taking the taxi.

Most people think that in Managua streets has no name, the problem is that nobody use them. Managua address are based on refrence to land marks, some of them long gone and only known to locals. Both, Hotel and Conference Venue are well known landmarks. Just saying the name taxi drivers will know the address (if not, better look for another driver that know the city!)

Probably will be a good idea to hire a van.

Detailed description of proposed venue and estimated costs including room capacity and configuration.

The proposed Venue is Universidad Centroamericana, it is a catholic university administered by the Jesuit order. It is one of the best universities on the country and it is the only university with a FOSS comunity GUL-UCA. Among the private universities UCA is the biggest, having several conference rooms. It has several labs, one of them has already installed Fedora. Starting 2012, UCA is a smoking free area.

Conference Halls Prices by Hour

  • Aula Magna, 400px $120
  • Xabier Gorotiaga, 220px $100
  • Roberto Terán, 120px $75
  • Amando Lopez, 60px $50 (suited for video conferences)
  • Post graduate classrooms 40px $15

This is the top price, we have arrangements for discounts. We can expect to pay less.

Propossed dates

Mid July, 2013. The university will be on vacations, that will ensure that we will have conference halls and postgraduate classrooms available. Most important we can use the internet service of the university as there will be nobody else. Probably they will charge us for that, but will be a low charge.

We are planning for Thursday, Friday and Saturday event. The exact dates will be arranged at the end of the year when the University publish the academic calendar.

Propossed Schedule

  • Thursday morning: Registration, Key notes and barcamp preparation
  • Thurday afternoon: Barcamp
  • Friday morning: Barcamp
  • Friday afternoon: hacking
  • Friday night: fudpub
  • Saturday: hacking

Description of proposed lodging and estimated costs along with a written agreement from lodging specifying rates

Hotel Mansión Teodolinda is located in a residential area, close to banks, embassies and shops, which makes a quiet place but very accesible to several activities. It has some mid size conference facilities, that can be used for after hours activities like hacking or common room. There are several bed and breakfast in the souronding area that can be arranged in case there is need for more rooms. The hotel is located about 3 km North-West of the University.

The hotel has 5 gallon dispenser of purified water on the corridors free of charge. Half litter bottle of water are for sale on the restaurant. Interten is complimentary for the guests. Rates include full breakfast. Taxes are not included. NIcaragua has 15% sales tax that will be added to all tranactions. Addtional there is a Hospitality tax that is 2% charged only to room rates.

Room Regular price Fudcon price
Single USD 60 USD 45
Double USD 65 USD 50
Triple USD 70 USD 55

Estimated travel costs


The table below only shows direct flights. You will have to make conection in one of those cities to get to Nicaragua.

City Air Line Price
Miami American
Atlanta Delta USD
Huoston Continental USD
Guatemala Taca USD
San Salvador Taca USD
San Jose Copa
Panama Copa


Both way bus tickets

City Ticabus Transnica Cruceros del Golfo
San Salvador USD 70 USD USD
Tegucigalpa USD 46 USD USD
San Pedro Sula USD 74 USD USD
San Jose USD 58 USD USD

Brief description of on the ground resources and their experience with FUDcon/other large events.

The local FOSS community has been awarded as best event for Software Freedom Day in 2007 and 2008. UCA has hosted SFD on 2008 and 2009. In 2009 there was an Central America Free Software Gathering. Anothe different event more complex on logistic was Librebus in 2011. In 2012 Nicaragua will host DEBConf.

Local Fedora contributors (alphabetically) German Ruíz, Joel Dávila, Lila Gutierrez, Neville A. Cross, Walter Danilo Vargas and Yader Velasquez have been working on organizing large events like FLISOL, Document Freedom Day, Software Freedom Day mentiones above, but also have helped on Fedora release party events.

Notation of internet connectivity options for both hotel and conference venue.


Every single room has an ethernet jack and there is coverage for wireless internet in the hotel. There is one ethernet jack in every meeting room and they have coverage for wireless internet. The hotel capacity at the moment it is 1.5Mbps, but it can be expanded during this event. The hotel is accomodating on guest need, to increase the number of access points, and provide network switches on the meeting rooms.

Conference venue

Universidad Centroamericana has launched a wireless network across campus with a captive portal for authentication. They named their network RiUCA. There some spots out of the coverage. Conference halls have their own access points. Past experience has shown that in technical events, the current setup is overwhelmed. We hope, as we are planning for vacation time, that this will not be an issue for us.

On the go

Prices and services checked on 2012-01-20 3G modems can be adquired for about USD 40.00 and the air time cost about USD 2.00 for 12 hours, USD 0.65 for 1 hour and USD 0.44 for half hour. Prepaid services requiere to send an sms to activate the service. Wimax service sell modem for about USD 83.00 and the air time is USD 4.00 for 24 hours and USD 33.00 for one month. Prepaid service requiere activation using the company software suit that only runs on windows.

Outline of proximate restaurant locations.


The hotel has a restaurant serving from 6am to 9pm. If you are old enought you can order local rum and beers and enjoy those by the pool. Nicaraguan rum is really good, and beers are also great. If you are not old enough or not into alcohol, you should try a milk shake.

There is a food court on Plaza Inter Shoping Mall less than half kilometer nort east. In front of the Shopping Mall there is one restaurant offering nacional cousine for lunch and dinner, during night the performe live show with national music. There are one bar one block North (cheap beers), and another half block east (eclectic). There is a Lounge half block North (gay friendly). THere is a Irish Pub about three block west (has the largest selection on imported beers).

Conference Venue

UCA has small cafeterias within the campus where sandwiches and hoddog can be purchased. There is a small buffet place where more formal meal can be obtained. There is one cooffe place where elaborate coffee can be obtained. National University Council has dictated that there is no alcohol consuption on campuses, and bar shoul be at least 100 meters away of Universities.

There are Pizza Hut and Macdonald's less that hal kilometer East. Metrocentro Shopping mall has a food court and is located less than 1 km East. There are one sea food restarant and two sport bars that serve lunch less than half kilometer South.


Item Description Price
Conference Hall Xabier Gorostiaga for the morning USD 400
Classrooms 5 classrooms for two and half days USD 1650
Rooms 15 double rooms for four days USD 3510
bus fares 20 bus fares (USD 100 average) USD 2000
fud pub rent and food *(estimated) USD 1100
USD 8660

Pending items

  1. confirming fud pub
  2. printing booklets
  3. t-shirts

Deadlines for event reservation, etc.

People with intention of atending the event

  1. Neville A. Cross
  2. Aura Lila Gutierrez
  3. Walter D. Vargas
  4. Yader Velásquez
  5. Joel Dávila Balladares
  6. German Ruíz

Pros and Cons of the proposed location.


  • Centrally locad in Central America. People can travel by bus.
  • Venue will be low cost
  • People has experience with events


  • Bad transportation within the city
  • Expensive air fares