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Organizing Team

Possible Dates

We're looking into the following dates:

  • 27-31 May 2012
  • 24-26 August 2012

Quezon City

Quezon City is the former capital (1948–1976) and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City (popularly known to Filipinos as QC) is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region.

The main campuses of two noteworthy universities we're considering, the Ateneo de Manila University and the country's National University - the University of the Philippines Diliman — are located in the city.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA, also known as Manila International Airport, is the airport serving the general area of Manila and its surrounding metropolitan area. Located along the border between Pasay and Parañaque, about seven kilometers south of Manila proper, and southwest of Makati, NAIA is the main international gateway for travelers to the Philippines and is the hub for all Philippine airlines.

NAIA is a 30-minute drive from Quezon City.

Local Mass Transit

Several options are available covering various distances and some areas are accessible only by certain means of transporation.

Jeepney is the cheapest mode of transportation and most major roads and destinations are covered by multiple jeepney routes. Public buses, operated by private bus companies, are also available on main routes and could be more convenient and roughly the same price as jeepneys.

Metered taxis are probably the most comfortable option - just be wary of large taxi fares during rush hours and drivers being picky on their passengers (they try to avoid destinations in crowded areas).

Smaller lanes and roads in residential areas are plied with bicycles fitted with side cars, termed padyak or traysikel.

Finally, two lines of the metro system (LRT Line 2 and MRT) run through some main points along the city. While their area coverage is limited - this is the best option for avoiding road traffic especially during rush hour (the metro system is bound to get crowded as well though).

Proposed Venues

The organizers have strong ties with the above institutions having either teached, studied or worked with them in past events. Room configuration will greatly depend on expected attendees. Wifi is usually available on campus.

Proposed Lodging

Four (4) Type A rooms with air conditioners; private toilet and bath; total capacity of 8 guests.

  • Single Occupancy = USD 70.00
  • Double Occupancy = USD 100.00

Twenty (20) Type B rooms with air conditioners; toilet and bath shared by two rooms; total capacity of 40 guests.

  • Single Occupancy = USD 60.00
  • Double Occupancy = USD 95.00

Twenty-four (24) Type C rooms with ceiling fans; toilet and bath shared by two rooms; total capacity of 72 guests.

  • Single Occupancy = USD 23.00
  • Double Occupancy = USD 35.00
  • Triple Occupancy = USD 40.00

Estimated Cost of Flights

Estimated one-way fare to Manila from...

  • Macau = USD 20.33
  • Hong Kong = USD 22.59
  • Kota Kinabalu = USD 33.90
  • Singapore, Guangzhou or Taipei = USD 42.95
  • Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Macau or Xiamen = USD 56.52
  • Brunei = USD 47.47
  • Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur = USD 79.13
  • Beijing, Busan, Incheon, Jakarta or Shanghai = USD 90.44
  • Osaka = USD 135.68

Pros and Cons

  • Majority of the organizing team are long-standing contributors to the Fedora Project.
  • Bluepoint Foundation (which has been supporting us in all Fedora-related activities since 2003) has allocated resources for FUDCon Manila specifically for this year.
  • Our team has a lot of experience running/attending events of similar scale (LCA2011, FUDCon Pune, APNG, Software Freedom Day, Linux Day, Philippine Sahana Initiative, Nooku Code Jam Manila, Bluepoint Road Tour, GeekCamp).
  • The Philippines does not require visas from most visitors, especially those from Southeast Asian countries.
  • While we prefer the proposed dates mentioned above, we can adjust as necessary i.e. if holding the event in May is mandatory.