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Bid Placeholder
Bid FUDCon 2016 Singapore
  • Brief description of the city.
  • Major local airports and their distance from lodging and venue.
  • Outline of local mass transit.
  • Detailed description of proposed venue and estimated costs including room capacity and configuration.
  • Description of proposed lodging and estimated costs along with a written agreement from lodging specifying rates
  • Estimated costs of flights major airports that attendees will travel from.
  • Brief description of on the ground resources and their experience with FUDcon/other large events.
  • Notation of internet connectivity options for both hotel and conference venue.
  • Outline of proximate restaurant locations.
  • Deadlines for event reservation, etc.

Event Details

Dates: June 24-26, 2016 Possible Venue: Singapore Polytechnic

Climate in Singapore

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate (Köppen: Af ) with no distinctive seasons, uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. Temperatures usually range from 22 to 35 °C (72 to 95 °F). Relative humidity averages around 79% in the morning and 73% in the afternoon. April and May are the hottest months, with the wetter monsoon season from November to January. From July to October, there is often haze caused by bush fires in neighbouring Indonesia. Although Singapore does not observe daylight saving time (DST), it follows the GMT+8 time zone, one hour ahead of the typical zone for its geographical location

Pros and Cons of the proposed location.

  • Pro
    • Experienced Fedora Ambassadors
  • Con
    • Costs are higher, but clever ways of getting it reduced are availble