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About Zurich

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  • 2011-09-16/18
  • or any other date between 2011-09-03/18


International Airport

Zurich has an international airport with flights from all over the world by most major airlines. Within Europe it might be cheaper to fly to EuroAirport Basel.

From Zurich Airport it's an 11 minute train ride to Zurich's main station. From EuroAirport it's a 15 minute bus ride to Basel SBB train station and from there an 1h train ride to Zurich HB.

Flight Costs

Prices as of 2011-03-09 from, including:

  • Round trip
  • Economy Class
  • 1 Stop tops
  • Arrival: 2011-09-15
  • Departure: Europe 2011-09-18, US 2011-09-19


Look for other options!
In some cases taking the train might be the cheaper option while probably being a longer journey
  • Amsterdam: EUR 153
  • Athens: EUR 205
  • Barcelona: EUR 84
  • Belgrade: EUR 184
  • Berlin: EUR 92
  • Brussels: EUR 189
  • Bucharest: EUR 154
  • Budapest: EUR 107
  • Dublin: EUR 157
  • Edinburgh: EUR 212
  • Glasgow: EUR 215
  • Goteborg: EUR 170
  • Helsinki: EUR 182
  • Istanbul: EUR 175
  • Kiev: EUR 177
  • Krakov: EUR 159
  • London: EUR 76
  • Lyon: EUR 168
  • Madrid: EUR 143
  • Manchester: EUR 163
  • Milan: EUR 131
  • Oslo: EUR 170
  • Paris: EUR 164
  • Prague: EUR 158
  • Rome: EUR 132
  • Sofia: EUR 177
  • Stockholm: EUR 137
  • Valencia: EUR 183
  • Vienna: EUR 108
  • Warsaw: EUR 78
  • Zagreb: EUR 153

United States

Look for other options!
in most cases flying on another week day might be the cheaper option.
  • Boston, MA: EUR 582
  • Chicago, IL: EUR 612
  • Los Angeles, CA: EUR 692
  • New York, NY: EUR 613
  • Raleigh, NC: EUR 754
  • San Francisco, CA: EUR 612

International Train Station

Zurich has Switzerland's biggest train station (with 26 tracks and expanding) called Zurich HB (or also Zurich main station) and there's direct (night) trains from major European cities like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Prag and Vienna.

Switzerland's nationwide railway, the Swiss Federal Railways (usually SBB or SBB CFF FFS) can be found here and their website can be used to get information about international trains as well as all local public transportation (rail, bus, tram, trolleybus, lake boat and cable car). More information on Zurich's local public transportation can be found on the website of the ZVV (the network of all operators in that area) here.

Zurich main station is only a couple of minutes from the event venue.


The city features a modern, quick and clean tram and bus system that connects all parts of the city and also the airport.

A tram ride from the main station to the event venues only takes a little over 10 minutes.


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Social Event


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Pros and Cons of location

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  • Zurich is well connected with international flights, pan-european trains and a local tram and bus system.